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Formal Dresses for Girls

Formal Dresses for Girls with Slim Body-typeWhile selecting formal gowns for girls with a slender figure, such dresses ought to be opted for which generate an illusion of curves. Designers often generate an illusion of curves by making such dresses which draw attention to the bust line. Sometimes the cloth is pleated near the bust or a bow is placed right above the bust to draw attention to it. Another way to generate an illusion of curves is to draw attention to the waist line. This is done by supporting the dresses with broad belts or broad waist lines. Gowns or dresses for girls with a slim figure

Formal dresses for girls ought to be such that the wearing them feels comfortable, oozes confidence & looks stylish, all simultaneously. Whether you are looking for formal pageant dresses or formal bridesmaid dresses or formal dresses for prom, the garments that you opt for ought to be such that they highlight your best features while playing down the issue areas. So whatever gowns or dresses you opt for a formal occasion, choose the ones that suit your body type.
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In honor of the movie INCEPTION, I wanted to Rank the best songs with the word DREAM in the title. I came up with 16 that stood above the rest. Below is my list (with a handy embedded video at the end to listen to them all in order if you want).  Enjoy!


#16  Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car - Billy Ocean

Right up there with "Snakes on a Plane" as far as informative titles. 

#15  Daydream - The Lovin' Spoonful

Despite the fact the band name traces back to Coffee, this is a great song.

#14  Boulevard Of Broken Dreams – Green Day

Little known fact: original title was "Avenue of Achy-Breaky Hearts," but had to be changed after Monsieur Cyrus showed up. 

#13  Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House

I always wished they'd teamed up with Firehouse and Counting Crows to form Counting Crow-ded Firehouse

#12  Dream Lover - Bobby Darin

I know I should think of Kevin Spacey when Darin comes up, but for me, mention of Darin's name always conjures that scene in Family Guy (16:48 mark).

#11  All I Have To Do Is Dream - Everly Brothers

I can hardly ever dream about what I want to. Did the Everly Brothers have special powers?

#10  I Have A Dream  - Abba

I heart Eurovision so much!

#9  Dream On  - Aerosmith

My top 5 moments (in some order) of Aerosmith are: RUN/DMC collaboration, the Janie's Got a Gun video, the Love in an Elevator video, the inspired decision to make a triptych involving Alicia Silverstone and when Steven Tyler goes from singing "Dream on" in one octave and suddenly springs into full on falsetto scream.  Love it. 

#8  Dreamlover - Mariah Carey

Don't hate: You Loved It Too!!!

#7  Only In My Dreams - Debbie Gibson

Look at that energy, that charisma, that magic! It's like Britney, minus the crazy. (Seriously. I know you're probably not a Debbie Gibson fan, but watch that video for two minutes and tell me you're not impressed. I dare you.)

#6  Sweet Dreams of You - Patsy Cline

I totally forgot about Patsy until I was done, forcing me to have to re-number everything!  This is really an underrated mope song after a breakup. Highly recommended.  

#5  Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

I was taking my sister once somewhere and there was dry lightning, followed by thunder (which always scares her). I pointed out the Thunder, and she disagreed, saying "Thunder only happens when it's raining." Damn you, Stevie Nicks, for miseducating our kids! You're a meteorological monster and you don't care who you hurt!

#4  Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) - Eurythmics

Not to be pedantic, but grammatically this song is either completely out of order or Annie needs psychiatric help. (Don't rule out "both")

#3  California Dreamin'  - The Mamas and the Papas

I changed the order of my top 3 at least a dozen times.  I absolutely love the harmony of this song.  

#2  Dreams - Cranberries

I tried to figure out the video for a week until I realized - "Oh yeah, Dreams are confusing."  This may not be the flashiest Cranberries song but coming back again and again and again it's gotta be right at the top. 

and the Number One Song with "Dream" in the title is......

#1  Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Mama Cass

It seems like a simple song, but it is simply elegant and you simply cannot do better. 

HONORABLE MENTION  (links go to videos)

Dream Weaver - Gary Wright

Your Wildest Dreams - The Moody Blues 

Dream Police - Cheap Trick

Dream Baby  and Beautiful Dreamer - Roy Orbison

River Of Dreams - Billy Joel 

Daydream Believer - The Monkees 

These Dreams  - Heart

The Dream Is Still Alive - Wilson Phillips

Wanna listen to all the songs back-to-back without having to do a bunch of clicking?  I got you covered, homey!

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July 22, 2010

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How Women are Like Pizza

[The idea came the other night when my brother was over to watch a movie. My dad was fixing two pizzas, a meat one and a cheese one with a special crust. My brother indicated he wanted the meat, and I chided him for not choosing both.  "Pizza is like a woman," I told him. "There's more than one kind you can enjoy."  We started coming up with other ways, which brings us here. Enjoy. -Hyperion]


#14  - Thin Crust can be good, Medium Crust can be good, and Deep Dish can be most filling....

#13 - But no matter what the crust, you want it to be hand-tossed.

#12 - Sometimes it tastes even better the next morning for breakfast.

#11  - Some guys may use utensils, but most guys are more than happy to just dive in and use their hands. If the pizza looks good they can barely keep their hands off of it.  

#10  You can NEVER have too much pizza!

#9  - Whether they admit it or not, most guys like a little meat on their pizza. (Many guys like a Lot of meat!)

#8 - On the other hand, while all toppings are appreciated, a “bare” pizza is good too. That was the Original Pizza, the way God intended.  

#7 - The Sauce is absolutely essential.  Nice and spicy, with just a touch of sweetness.  You don’t want a sour or bitter sauce, but you don’t mind deep complex flavors.  

#6 - Doesn’t matter if he had it yesterday, the day before that, and today at lunch. Ask any guy at any time if he wants pizza, and the answer is always “Yes!”

#5 - Sometimes the Pizza smells so good you can’t wait to get it home, and you simply must have a piece RIGHT NOW!.  

#4  And while you’ll go out to get your pizza, ain’t nothin’ better than having it show up at your door.

#3 - Cannot stress this enough - the thicker the crust - the more pizza for us to eat, and that’s a good thing.  

#2 - Guys aren’t picky. All different brands, different places - we may have our favorites, but it’s all still pizza!  Guys don’t care about prices, either. (One of my favorite pizzas is Totino’s; it may be cheap, but that’s just more you can have at your party!)

and the number one way Women are like Pizza is.....

#1 - Sure, it tastes better when it’s super hot, but hot or not, it’s still pizza, and there’s still nothing you’d rather have in your mouth.

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