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Newborn Baby Girl Clothing

New parents, the sheer variety of baby clothing that’s available can feel a little overwhelming. But, while it may be tempting to just buy 8 onesies and call it a day, there are actually some good reasons for purchasing different types of newborn baby girl clothes. Just as with adults’ clothing, different baby outfits serve different purposes. Garments such as rompers and onesies are a great all-around choice for small infants because they’re comfortable for the baby and easy to clean for the parent.
That said, there are times when you’ll want to dress baby up. For most occasions, a baby girl will be comfortable in tights and a jumper or dress. This still allows for easy cleaning, but also permits the little one freedom to move her limbs without restriction. (This can be very important if you’re away from home, as some babies become restless if they feel restricted.)
Likewise, it’s a good idea to buy two or three nightgowns or sleepsuits. Lightweight cotton sleepsuits or nightgowns are the best option, because they are warm and absorbent. However, check to make sure
that the fabric is fire-retardant. And as we discussed in our first installment, you should try to avoid too many frilly details like ribbons, lace and large buttons. Not only can these be uncomfortable, but in some cases they may even pose a safety hazard.

We hope these tips on buying newborn baby girl clothes have been helpful. Check back soon for our final installment – and for lots more tips!
Convenience may also be a factor. It may be easy to overlook these attributes when you’re holding an adorable dress for your newborn baby, but you should consider your purchase as critically as you would, were you buying yourself a dress.
Start by looking at the fabric content. It is easy to care for? Does the garment care tag specifically say that the garment can be machine-washed and dried? Although you may not mind having to dry-clean a baptism dress, you’ll want to be sure that your baby’s everyday clothes will be as easy to care for as your own sweats and jeans. Remember that you’ll be washing them often.
When considering the fabric, also consider how it will feel to the baby. Cotton is usually favored for newborn baby girl clothes because it’s soft against the skin, and because it’s breathable. Although some synthetic materials may also be soft, they don’t wick moisture off the skin, as cotton does. This can trap sweat or water against the skin, which can cause chafing, rashes, and other skin irritations.

Latest Female Fashion Trends

Latest Female Fashion Trends: Some Must-Haves!
Jodhpur Pants:
These fashionable pants are completely uber cool in their appeal and have had their share of limelight lately. The unique shape of the trousers makes it more eye-catching as compared to regular fits. Jodhpur pants are wider at the thighs and end up giving a fuller look. Therefore, Jodhpur pants are best left for the slim silhouette; girls with wide hips should avoid these completely. Look for shades of beige and black that blends well for any occasion!
Voluminous Skirts:
I can never get enough of skirts and bet you can’t as well! The good news is flared knee length skirts are back with a vengeance and how! Added layers and gathers are currently very much in vogue. Don a bright skirt for an evening out at the café and watch the swish and swirls cause everyone to turn green with envy! This is also the right time to experiment with tiered skirts.

Cocktail Shorts:
Shorts have always been sexy and sportier in their look,
but cocktail shorts have brought a new touch to the way shorts are worn. Cocktail shorts are fancy and dressy in their overall look and are seen in a myriad of colors to pamper the woman in you. With gathered hems or drawstrings, these are available in exclusive fabrics and can even be worn for a formal event with a pair of stilettos and a smart fitting jacket! Cocktail shorts have sure caught the eye of many celebrities who have shown no qualms in flaunting them for formal dos!
Ruffle It Up!
Who said ruffles are out of fashion? Soft ruffles on tops especially on the neck area have made a comeback of sorts. Go in for sophisticated fabrics that have all the shine and shimmer. This fashion is great for a romantic dinner at your favorite dining place. Ruffles create a feminine look with a touch of sophistication.
Glam Dresses:
Glamorous dresses that have the baby doll look are quite popular as eveningwear. Mid length dresses with layering sometimes combined with leggings of contrasting colors are most sought after! Leave the long flowing gowns for the red carpet affair, knee length dresses with interesting styles and fabrics are preferable due to their comfort factor.
Bling Accessories:
You might love it or hate it, but you certainly can’t ignore it! Bling jewelry looks fabulous when combined with hip-hop attire or regular jeans and tees! Of course, if you are wearing an elaborate neckpiece, wear tiny earrings. The key is to maintain the balance to create an interesting look.
Use these tips for latest female fashion trends and create new looks with the basics mentioned above. This will surely help to keep your wardrobe updated making you look stylish for any occasion!

Trendy Tunics: Cool and Stylish Women Apparel for Every Body Type

Tunics are trendy, comfy and wonderful piece of women’s clothing that are perfect for almost every occasion and women of every shape. Tunics are amongst the hottest fashion wear and are perfect for every age group and nearly every body type. It is generally a longer top that fit over the hips. For 2010, women’s tunics are available in variety of colors, designs, shapes and prints.
With tunics, options are endless. You can use it as a knee length dress or accentuate the waist by adding a belt. Tunics are best for women of any body shape. For example, for tall and slim woman, knee-length, sleeveless tunic with high neck will be best as it will accentuate her figure. For women with flabby upper arms and heavy top, low-cut tunic with long or capped sleeves will do wonders.
A tunic can be worn in variety of ways. Team a tribal or animal print tunic with neutral pant or skirt for a spicy look, and you are ready to go. Teaming tunic with skinny jeans is also a good idea. For a hot look, go for a printed
tunic with pair of black leggings along with wide belt and flaunt a killing look. For sophisticated look, tunics
with subtle detailing and flowy sleeves are perfect. For summer, teaming tunic with shorts or capris will lead to a cool and comfy look. Tunics can stylishly camouflage weak spots by highlighting greatest assets such as a gorgeous pair of legs.
It is must have item for women of every size. Tunics are best for every occasion like for warm summer evenings, cocktails or garden parties. There are wide varieties of tunic available like
Straight seams, A-line, empire waist or kimono style tunics.
Tunics work for every time of day whether it is daytime wear or evening wear. Just accessorize it with trendy accessories and you are ready to nail the look. It is a must have fashion staple in every woman’s wardrobe owing to its versatility.
Tunics even have some aspects of sporting attire. In fact, the first women’s tennis outfit consisted of a belted tunic which was gradually replaced by either shorts or a short skirt. Tunics are actually comfortable alternative to dresses and pants.
Women’s tunics serve as best alternative when one is in a hurry to get ready and confused about what to wear. Today tunics are available in basic solid color to a more elaborate and varied tunic with embroidered patterns and ruffles. Some even come with built in cloth belt for a stylish look.

Fall Fashion Trends for Women

Fall Fashion Trends for Women
Leather and velvet are the two fabrics that’ll completely dominate the world of fabrics. Be it short skirts, leggings, dresses, pants or jackets, leather will be seen everywhere. On the other hand velvet will give that much needed classy and feminine touch to your wardrobe. It won’t be looked down as a girly fabric, instead it will emerge as a new face of sophistication. So do not forget to stock your wardrobe with elegant velvet dresses. Read more on leather clothing.
Fall is all about colors, naturally fashion trends will also reflect this natural phenomenon. Like always, red, orange and yellow will be a huge hit. However, red will undergo a slight make over and will present itself in blue undertones. Deep yellow will be a preferred choice over the brighter one. Orange will remain as vibrant as ever. Similarly, earthy shades like gray, deep purple, royal blue will be sought after as well. Read more on women’s clothing.

Styles and Cut
Layers, frills and pleats, will all be there, this season as well. One shoulder dresses will make a bold appearance almost everywhere, from socialite events to awards functions (thanks to Michelle Obama, who wore it at inauguration ball and made it an instant hit). Accordion pleat tops will make a come back yet again to make a sensuous style statement. These pretty necklines suit almost everyone as they do not reveal anything beyond what is required! Read more on fashion clothing.
Thigh high boots will make their presence felt yet again. These sexy boots have the potential to change a girl next door into an absolutely stunning diva. You can choose from suede or leather, flat or high heeled shoes. Similarly, ankle length faux fur trimmed shoes will also become quite popular. From lace up sandals to mid calf, flat shoes to stilettos, this fall will offer everything to pacify even the most fussiest of the fashionistas.
This season, focus will be on accentuating the thin waist with large, clear belts. Accessories, especially bags, will flaunt a lot of bling with sequined embellishment and loads of other glitzy decorations. Accessories would be mostly designed to go with the dress, as monotonous look would be the ‘in’ thing, this fall.
Broad shoulder jackets and fur stoles will dominate the fall fashion trends for women over 40. Similarly, fall fashion trends for women over 50 are inspired by military pieces, capes and cloaks. The overall trend would be to look mature and not desperately try to look young. Also read fashion advice for women over 50.
Fall fashion trends for women in 2009 are going to be difficult to predict, as we are going to see little bit of everything. Though, sophistication is going to be the ruling factor, ‘disco’ influenced styles are definitely going to make their presence felt. Also, recession won’t affect the taste of true fashionistas and the inclination towards buying designer wear will stay this season as well.

Trendy Clothes for Women

Cute Trendy Clothes for Women
Cute trendy clothes or trendy clothes for young women and juniors include tops, dresses, skirts and shorts of various cuts, colors and patterns. These can be teamed up and worn as per the occasion as it compliments all occasions very well.
Mini Dresses: These have been in fashion for quite some time now and are now popular in colors like gray, mauve, purple and maroon. They can be teamed up with similar colored bags and shoes or extreme contrasts as well. Boots look the best with these dresses that are available in single sleeved, off shoulders and halter varieties. These dresses make the perfect bridesmaid dresses, homecoming dresses and party wear dresses. Read more on fashion clothing.
Cami: A cami is a type of top that every teen will have because it is very handy and can be teamed up with skirts, denims, shorts or hot pants. These are available in a variety of colors and shades, in different neck patterns like v-necks, buttoned or a ruffle fronts. These can be worn as both an over wear or an underwear and can be combined trendy sweaters an jackets.

Skirts: There is no real end to the number of options available in trendy women’s skirts. Be it the cut, the color or the length of the skirt, there are just too many to choose from. These include tie-dyed skirts, embellished gypsy skirts, foil skirts with beads, mini denim skirts, butterfly tiered skirts, etc. You can wear the different varieties of skirts with various tops and delicate jewelery and pumps. Read more on outfits with leggings.
Jeans: Jeans were never out of fashion and will never ever be, all thanks to the very comfortable and durable denims. Available in a variety of dark and light shades, the jeans and tee trend is by far the most popular of the women’s clothes trends. Long tops, short tops, camis, t-shirts or tunics, all go extremely well with jeans. There is also the skinny jeans variety for juniors that have been very popular. Any kind of shoe or accessory will go well with them, as long as they are properly color coordinated.
Jackets and Sweaters: These are very essential winter wear and come in different styles and shades. For example, the hoodies or hood jackets are extremely popular among people of all ages. Long jackets, sweatshirts, button down or zip down jackets are all good options that come under women’s jackets. Pullovers and knit tops are also a good trendy option for winter wear. Read more on women’s casual clothing.
Plus Size Trendy Clothes for Women
Plus size women need not worry as most of the trendy clothes for women mentioned above are also available in trendy plus size clothing for women. You too, have quite a large variety of clothes to choose from. Just make sure that the color coordination is right and that your curves are naturally accentuated. Also, so not opt for tight fitting clothes as they really are not the right thing for you. Go for well-fitted soft fabrics. Read more on women’s plus size formals.

Clothing in Elizabethan Era

Clothing in the Elizabethan Era:
This was another such highly fashion conscious era and it was also all about elaborate and stylized clothing. The dresses that women wore in the Elizabethan Era were definitely not made of one single garment as is seen now-a-days. In fact, the many garments worn altogether were called a dress.
As mentioned before, fashion at the beginning of the Elizabethan Era was a modest affair and ladies that belonged to the upper class wore a fitted bodice that helped to accentuate the small waist. A ruffled yoke was also a characteristic of women who belonged to the upper class.
Clothing in the Elizabethan Era also saw an influence of geometric shapes. Here, it was not about maintaining or showcasing the natural body structure. Methods such as padding and quilting were used to stiffen the fabric so that it could retain the shape with an emphasis on the shoulder and the hip area. Basically, the main motive behind this kind of concept in clothing was utilized to give an impression of a small waist. This does not mean only women desired to have small waists, men also made use of certain types of clothing such as the girdles to give a really thin look to the body.

The people who belonged to the higher strata of society also wore clothing that was heavily ornamented with brocades; heavy cut velvets, lace and even gold and silver embroidery. Apart from buttons, cords or ribbons were also used to fasten the clothing. Generally, clothing in the Elizabethan Era saw people indulging in gold and silver buttons that were even set with gemstones.
Snoods also gained popularity during the Elizabethan era. This was a kind of a headdress, which saw different versions along the way and also saw resurgence in the fashion circuit in the past few years.
One would also need to note that the Elizabethan Era was one such period, which saw a proper division of class. The Sumptuary Laws were passed that stated the kind of clothing one would have to wear. These laws were passed by Queen Elizabeth and were also known as Statutes of Apparel. It was basically done to clearly demarcate the social structure existing in the Elizabethan Era. The Queen herself and only her relations were allowed to wear clothing that used gold or gold tissue as an embellishment.
The upper class also used a wide variety of fabrics. Elizabethan clothing saw the use of velvets, silks, furs and even taffeta. These exotic materials were imported from different areas from all over the world. A somewhat strange factor for women in that era was also that women often emulated the fashion styles of men. The frilled collar was short as far as men were concerned and long and feminine for women.
Another strange factor was the slashing of the clothes. Clothing in the Elizabethan Era was even slashed to reveal the garments worn below; this was also done to showcase the contrasting colors.
Doublets were worn by men as well as by women. This laid an emphasis on the shoulder and the hip area.
Robes in bright colors were very much sought after in the Elizabethan Era. Such bright colors were also expensive to purchase. For example, one can take a look at one of the earlier portraits of Queen Elizabeth, which would show her in a deep crimson robe. This deep red color was actually obtained from an insect, which was found only in the Mediterranean. Therefore such dyes were expensive to purchase.
People who belonged to the lower strata of society wore clothing made from materials like wool, sheepskin and even linen. People who belonged to this category were not allowed to wear materials in silk or even have velvet trimmings.

Women’s Classic Professional Clothing

Women’s Classic Professional Clothing: Style Fundas
We all know the corporate world demands a certain look, but there are many women out there who would also like to have some fun! If you have specific rules to be followed at work for professional clothing, you would have no choice but to adhere to the same. In that case, color plays an important part in the way you present yourself. Although being dressed professionally does not mean an increased performance at work, nevertheless this code is particularly required in industries that have a large interaction with consumers and clients. For the classic professional clothing, you can go in for colors such as gray and black but you can mix and match it with soft pastel shades to break the monotony. Use a mix of lavenders, icy blues, soft pinks and a shade of ivory to balance the entire look. Add a stylish printed scarf to make an ultimate style statement. (A la Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada)
Well, not everybody is lucky enough to work for the stylish Runway magazine (unlucky for some girls like Andrea) and in such cases,
professional clothing would mean nothing below being chic and sensual at work.
Creative agencies and many fabulous fashion magazines may give you the option to pull out your little black dress and knee high boots. In that case, you don’t really have to worry, simply browse through the fashionable boutiques in the city and take your pick from some interesting cuts and fabrics that highlight the best in you.
When we talk about women’s classic professional clothing, one needs to also look at the silhouettes being used. No matter which designer may have created the ensemble, the fit is the most important part of any garment. Pick pants that fit you right and add some flirty skirts as well. Go in for that sassy fitting skirt with slits that show just a hint of leg. Team it with a fitting shirt and use minimal accessories. Maybe a classic bracelet would just complete the look. Pencil skirts are great and form an integral part of women’s classic professional clothing. Use stylish jackets and for the chilly weather, a black trench coat can help to make the ultimate style statement.
Dresses are also being incorporated into the category of women’s classic professional clothing. Casual dresses are best left for an evening at the coffee outlet with your boyfriend, go in for sleek and svelte dresses in muted tones for the classic professional look. This would make you feel completely stylish and lend a unique touch to your wardrobe. Smart dresses give a professional touch and can turn any boring day at work into a super stylish affair.
The classic women’s business suit rates high on the list of many stylish young businesswomen. In case you would rather go formal all the way, you can opt for pencil straight skirts or those, which have a slight flare. Ensure the skirts fall a couple of inches below your knees. Pair them up with some great heels.
Women’s classic professional clothing cannot be complete without the mention of the right bag. A professional bag helps to complete the look and often remains to be the most ignored factor by women. The right bag helps in boosting your image and you can make an ultimate style statement at the very important business meeting. Avoid bags that are high on bling or those that are not really firm. A classic bag in black or brown that is big enough to hold all your necessities but compact so that it does not scream in terms of color should do well on the professional front. Look for compartments so that you can separate your cosmetics from objects related to your work.

Ladies Fashion – Long Skirts

Long Denim skirt:
Denims, being versatile in nature, when crafted into a sophisticated long skirt can truly boost the way a woman feels, whether at work or with friends. It can be paired with a simple tee on a lazy day or combined with a strappy, layered top for a night out at the disc. A must in every woman’s wardrobe, the length can be played up in various ways. A long denim skirt can be fitted to the ankles mixed with a stretch blend for a hot and sultry look. Or it can be fitting at the hips, flowing down, with a slit at the side to reveal a flash of leg! Throw in some great stilettos and you are ready to melt the hearts of many. One can also find it embellished with embroidery or sequins though the classic, blue, long denim skirt has always been the one most favored.

Gypsy Skirt:

If you think it is time to make a splash in many colors and flowing fabrics…the gypsy skirt is designed for you. Reminiscent of the ’60s and ’70s look, the fashion industry has implemented various ways to transform these gypsy skirts into what we see on the fashion runways today. This boho-chic look can be crinkled and flouncy in three tiers cascading all the way to the feet. Fabrics could range from transparent to layered cotton and can be teamed with short tank tops; peasant tops or embroidered ones for that ethnic touch. Long dangling earrings combined with colorful headgear like bandannas create a cool and casual look for those willing to go a little overboard!
Also known as a wrap-around and derived from the word ‘surong’, this sensuous garment is generally worn by women (sometimes even by men) mainly on pristine, white beaches! Easy to wear, this skirt needs only to be wrapped around and comprises of a single piece of fabric. Generally found in bright, floral batik prints you can find a staggering range in terms of colors, fabrics and prints. The most popular, however, is the traditional tie-n-dye one. Worn especially, throughout Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia, the sarong has found its way from the beaches to the regular evening attire and has also remained to be an ultimate and casual fashion style statement. A simple white top will aid in bringing out the beauty of this long skirt. Tattoos or body piercing can also heighten the effect.

Teen Hair Style Ideas

The teen hair style has never been shorter. In fact, many teenage girls are now wearing their hair shorter than the boys. But one thing is always sure; the short teen hair style is always a trendy hair style. Full of texture and interest, the short teen hair style is never dull.
Probably the most popular short teen hair style of today is a variation on the pixie cut. Only about 1″ to 1 ½” in length throughout, this teen hair style is heavily textured and can be worn in several different ways. From rigid spikes and soft funk to close-to-the-head tresses, this teen hair style accommodates a wide range of tastes.
The textured teen hair style
No matter what length your locks are, texture is needed to pull off a trendy hair style. This texture can be created through cutting and razoring techniques, it can be natural as in the case of natural curl, and it can be created chemically through perms and relaxers or thermal styling tools.

As mentioned before, today’s teen hair style is never boring. Not only does texture liven up your teen hair style, it can also take a popular style and make it uniquely your own. Take for instance a simple layered teen hair style. Falling about shoulder length, this teen hair style would be dull if left to hang straight. But if you take the same cut and add pomade to texturize the ends or add spiral curl to this teen hair style with tube rollers, you could really have a different teen hair style each and every day.
The teen hair style and color
Every trendy hair style needs color, and the same is true for the teen hair style. Adding color can be as simple as a few highlights or lowlights or it can come in the form of dramatic changes such as dark colors for the Gothic look. Color for the teen hair style can also be a statement of itself. Just look at the colors worn by Pink and Christina Aguilera. Their most popular teen hair style cuts were not really anything that unique, it was their color that set their teen hair style apart from others.
When choosing color for your teen hair style do not be afraid to try something funky and unique. This may be the only time in your life that you can get by with blue highlights. Also, do not become wrapped up in choosing the same color for your teen hair style that you have seen worn by other people. Stay unique, venture out, be brave and you will always have a teen hair style worthy of envy.

Outfit Ideas for School

It is tough to be on a fashion budget when you are a student but style does not have to be expensive. A stylish jean jacket or a sassy scarf or boots is all you need to make a statement with your school outfit ideas. The following are some cute outfit ideas for school.
Look 1: A cropped leather bomber jacket, a graphic tee, long wrap scarf and skinny jeans are a perfect choice for a casual chic look for school. If the weather allows then add a pair of knee high boots to complete the look.
Look 2: Accessories can make or break an outfit. Fashion accessories for teens are a great way to make a simple outfit stand out. For example, wearing a black tee with a dark denim jeans, low slung belt with an over sized turquoise necklace will make you stand out. This is a simple way of adapting teen fashion into your outfit ideas for school.
Look 3: A colorful hoodie with a cute denim mini skirt, fitted top and bright sneakers. This is one of the most classic trendy outfit ideas for high school students. If you are not comfortable in a mini skirt, then you can always try a knee length skirt.
Look 4: For a trendy gypsy look, wear chino trousers (low rise trousers which are a little baggy but still chic) with a fitted embroidered peasant top. To accessorize, throw on a few colorful beaded bracelets and a pair of semi dressy kitten healed sandals.

Look 5: Another idea for school outfits is a gray or cobalt blue sweater dress with black leggings. Complete the look with suede ankle boots, wooden or silver bangles and stud earrings. This style will definitely be a head turner. Read on for more ideas on outfits with leggings.
Look 6: If you have a strapless summer dress and you have pushed it at the back of your wardrobe, you can wear it to school with a white tee under it to give it a more casual look. Complete the look with a blazer and cute sandals with a big bag. For more ideas read on summer dresses for teens.
These are just a few outfit ideas for school. You just have to use your creativity to mix and match and come up with trendy comfortable outfit ideas for school. But most importantly, whatever outfit you wear, wear it by personalizing it to your style

Finding Your Fashion Style

Girls and teens want to look sharp and fashion forward. Fashion trends change every season, but there are certain basic items of girls clothes that everyone wants in their wardrobe. Key pieces can be combined to create many different looks. While denim jeans are a staple in most wardrobes, the style of jeans changes regularly. While low rise jeans with straight legs may have been popular in 2005, within a year or so a high waisted jean with wide legs may be the fashion. While each teen may choose her own style and not care about what is popular, the current trendy styles are what will be found in the stores. To know what is in fashion, either start shopping at your favorite local mall or read fashion magazines.
Jeans are a great basic because they can be worn so many ways. For casual wear, add a t-shirt, sweater or plain shirt with sneakers or flat shoes. The same jeans can also be dressed up nicely with a fancy blouse or a camisole with a jacket and heels.
Other key wardrobe pieces are tank tops, turtlenecks, khakis, shorts, slacks, skirts, sundresses and blazers. The styles and colors of these items will also change from season to season. Skirt lengths go up and down, with
both a short skirt and a longer style usually in fashion at the same time.

The quality of girls clothes makes less difference because styles change so quickly. Girls will tire of their clothes long before they wear out, so pick what you like that fits your budget and don’t worry about durability. Even so, check the label for laundry instructions. Washable clothes are easier and cheaper to maintain than dry clean only.
Experiment to find your own style
One of the nicest things about teen apparel (and of being a teenager in general) is the freedom to experiment. Even the simplest outfit of jeans and a t-shirt can be an expression of the wearer’s personality. Jeans now come in an array of colors. Some have decorative rivets, while others display fancy embroidered designs. Even the way the pockets are arranged can be a decorative element.
A t-shirt can be a plain solid color with a round neck or a v-neck. It can be striped or patterned. It can display a message, either for or against a cause, showing off its manufacturer or just saying something amusing. Thus the t-shirt can be a fashion statement, a personal statement or a political statement – you choose.
But the biggest part of the teen apparel experiment comes through accessories. These can be found in department stores and clothing shops as well as in specialty stores that carry nothing else. When selecting shoes, fit and comfort may be sacrificed to style. This may not be a good tradeoff depending on what activities you plan to pursue while wearing them. Be sure to try on both shoes as most people have one foot that is slightly larger than the other.
Shoes can be made of leather, imitation leather, cloth and other materials. Leather shoes are usually the most expensive, but they last the longest. Before making a big investment in shoes, think about how long you believe they will suit your taste, style and wardrobe and how long you might want to keep wearing them.
The handbag or purse is another great accessory. Modern style gurus no longer require matching your purse to your shoes, so go wild. Get a giant bag or a mini-backpack for everyday wear so you can carry all of your stuff. Pick a tiny, shiny bag for that night on the town. As long as it’s big enough for your keys, lipstick, money and cellphone, it will work. If you plan an active day, forget the bag and go for a belt pouch. No longer just for athletes, these come in an array of styles and colors like other purses. And when you’re ready to get fancy, remember that you can add jewelry, gloves, hats, scarves and more to personalize your look completely.

Harley-Davidson Apparel Must-Haves

As you gaze upon your priceless Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you can’t help but beam with pleasure and satisfaction. After all, owning one is a dream come true for any passionate motorcyclist. But the Harley-Davidson thrill does not end here. Riding the bike is of course the next best thing which gives you an exhilarating feeling that is like no any other feeling in the world. Aside from that, there is a wide array of Harley-Davidson apparel you can buy to complete your look and more importantly to make your ride a smooth and safe one.
Here are some of the Harley-Davidson clothing apparel you might like to check on:

  • Helmet. Hopping into your Harley and roaring with extreme speed will not make you a real rider but will only endanger your life. Be sure that you ride at the right speed and that you don your Harley-Davidson helmet to protect your head from any possible injury that you may encounter in the fast lane. Remember, there have been many lives that were saved because of this protective head gear. Do the right thing by donning this important piece of Harley-Davidson gear.
  • Leather Jacket. Leather jackets may be popular in giving a rider that bad boy look or a menacing image, one who terrorizes people. But the truth behind leather jackets is that it gives the rider ample protection from wind, dust, sand as well as minimize injuries like abrasions and burns in case of crashes. A Harley-Davidson jacket will not only give you the look but more importantly make your ride a safe one.
  • Leather Pants. This is to complement your leather jacket, to protect your lower body from abrasions and to complete your Harley-Davidson emblem.
  • Motorcycle boots. Again, this is not solely for the image but also holds a higher purpose of protecting your leg against muffler burns as well as abrasions and minimize injuries in case of accidents.
  • Harley-Davidson Hat. You know that you can’t wear the helmet all the time especially after you’ve gotten off your bike. But to keep your head protected either from the heat of the sun or from drops of rain, don a Harley-Davidson hat.
  • Sunglasses. A pair of shades will keep road debris like sand off your eyes and prevent any elements from obstructing your view. This is a fabulous accessory that will make your rider look even more awesome but more significantly, contribute to a safe driving by protecting your eyes and keeping your vision clear.
These Harley-Davidson apparel are sure to roar up your motorcycle rider image. But keep in mind that image is not everything. And while it’s nice that these apparel make you look good and all, the more important thing is that they provide safety and protection to make your ride a smooth and enjoyable one

Latest Britney Spears Sexy Pics

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