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Top 10 Teen Celebrities

In the past, a teen-aged celebrity or a child actor was acknowledged on the basis of his charm and amusing slogan. Today, the well-known teens are continuously having competition with each other, and they sing and dance and have their own television entertainment for public.

1. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is famous for her role as Miley Stewart in the Disney show “Hannah Montana”. She has her own costumes and has starred in several movies. Miley has also released three albums, namely, “Meet Miley Cyrus”, “Breakout” and “Time of Our Lives”- all three have done well enormously. It is estimated that she earns $6000 every day, which makes her one of the richest teenagers of the day.

2. Emma Watson

Emma Watson, at the age of 19 is considered to be the richest teen celebrity today. She is worth 5.7 billion dollars, most of which she has collected by playing Hermione Granger in the well-known Harry Potter movies. She is currently studying at Brown University at present.

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