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Gym Shoes with Dresses

Fashion Trend Watch Gym Shoes with Dresses. Lately I've noticed trends on young teen celebrities from Kristen Stewart to Leighton Meester girls are staring to wear gym shoes with dresses. Now normally I would write this off as a fashion faux pas a big no no but actually it's kinda cute in a weird type of way. Dare to rock this trend? Look below to see how the look is worn.
For Bridal Jewelry

Cool Emo Hairstyles

Emo Hairstyles are generally characterized by straight, long and dark hairstyles, which are mostly influenced by the hairstyles of musicians of 1980s old punk rock genre. Emo is an altogether a separate cult with its own beliefs, ideology, fundamentals, and unique fashion and hairstyles. Over a period, emo hair fashion has turned into a distinct class of hairstyle fashion. Nowadays, cool emo hairstyles and trendy haircuts are very much in demand amongst the young generations.
Apart from cool emo hairstyles, there are many factors including emo makeup, emoish clothes, emo attitudes and emo music that go into making a cool emo dude. In fact, many emo guys have now realized that the real coolness of being an emo can not be achieved in the absence of cool emo hairstyles besides other factors. Emo hair fashion has undergone classic evolution and as a result, nowadays, numerous new chic and cool emo hairstyles are available for emo boys and emo girls.
EMO hair care

Singer JoJo's voluminous hair - Secret

Singer JoJo's voluminous hair is so pretty and thick, Pair it up with her Silver Nails and you've got the perfect everyday look.
1. Wash hair with a shampoo and conditioner that gives hair volume[ Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo and Thickening conditioner, Big Sexy Hair Shampoo and conditioner].
2. Run deep penetrating conditioner , from root to tips[ Bumble and Bumble Deeep Treatment, L'Oreal Vive Pro Treatment]. Sit under a hooded dryer for 25-30 minutes. Rinse hair completely.
3. Spritz roots with volumizing spray [Bumble and Bumble Thickening spray; Sexy Hair Concepts Big Sexy Hair Root Plump]
4. Apply leave-in to the ends [ Jonathan Product Green Rootline Silkening Creme ; Hamadi Healing Serum]. Use rollers to add volume to roots.

5. Straighten roots of hair with a ceramic iron [ Hana Straightening Iron], leave ends in tact.

For JoJo's nails:
1. Use a moisturizing treatment at night for your cuticles[ French Manicure Creme; Kiehl's Imperiale Moisturizing Cuticle Treatment] and hands[Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream; L' Occitane Lavender Harvest Hand cream].
2. Clip nails with a professional tool for an even look [Tweezerman Quik Cut Nail Tip Slicer]. File and shape the nails and clean cuticles [ Jilbere de Paris Satin Smooth Deluxe Nail; Jasmine La Belle Cosmetics Metallic].
3. Apply the base, silver nail polish and topcoat[ Essie '3-Way Glaze' Base Top Coat and Strengthener, Orly Nail Lacquer, Shine on Crazy Diamond, butter LONDON 3 Free Nail Lacquer, Diamond, Lippmann Collection Nail Color, Stardust].

Back to school: teen fashion 2010

This school year the trendiest back to school looks include graphic tees, shoes, and hoodies. Other must have styles include leopard prints, neon hues, bright colors, bomber jackets, leggings, plaid, oversized tees, and trendy belt styles.

When it comes to the first day of school always wear your best outfit to impress and make sure that you choose styles that make you feel stylish and comfortable. Look below for more back to school ideas.
It’s time to get down to studying! School holidays will be over soon! It is sad, but new school year means new meeting, new and old friends. Hey! Don’t forget be cool at school! The first school day is the first appearance you have after three months. You need to make it a good one, because first impressions matter.
If you don’t have school uniform then remember some things:
  • Keep clothes and accessories classic and simple, nothing in-your-face or over the top.

  • It’s normal to be a trendy. You have to adapt the trends to your personal fashion style, or you’ll end up looking like a major trend-chaser.
  • Be confident of success! If you don’t feel like it, fake it. When you aren’t doubting yourself, no one else will doubt you or your choices.
It’s all about hot color combinations for Back to School 2010. This fashion season, choose bright colors like fuchsia and jewel-tones and pair them up with dark hued basics for a big punch of color. Also 2008 color combinations consist of rich green with navy, fuchsia with black, turquoise with chocolate brown, red and yellow. Taking this look is easy. Just get pair of these colors up yourself or look for patterns that incorporate popular color combinations. When you choose patterns, you can go graphic with big, bold designs like bright color blocks, batik prints, exaggerated stripes.

Bridal Jewelry

Jewelry is any accessory such as a ring, bracelet, or necklace that are made out of diamonds or other gemstones, precious metals, or other materials. In varying cultures, they can showcase your level in the society, can symbolize protection, can have functional use, and can be for artistic display.
When it comes to weddings, the focal point is the bride. Yes, everyone looks at the bride as she floats down the aisle. As if the world has gone into slow motion, many can notice every detail, from her hairstyle down to her shoes as complemented by her handcrafted bridal jewelry.
Little as they may appear, her usually handcrafted wedding jewelry completes her look; they add that ounce of luster just enough for her to glow.
Her bridal gown may have all the beads, sequins, trimmings, and all sorts of add-ons but she will not be sent to wait before the aisle without the appropriate handcrafted bridal jewelry. They can range from tiny ones to large pieces, from transparent ones to bold-colored accessories.
Beautifully handcrafted bridal jewelry is not hard to come by. You may canvass from those jewelry stores that sell contemporary ones or those that auction antique pieces. Or you can go online and seek a virtual jeweler. Or you can rummage through your mother’s (even grandmother’s) chests for those unique pieces that come with priceless stories.

Designer Clothing

Summer 2010 Fashion Trends

You can certainly see inspiration from the past along with a certain newness that is very refreshing and appealing. There’s all you need to jazz up your look. Designers have unleashed their creativity and there you have, beautiful fashion clothing and trendy accessories. Well, all you fashionable women out there, these summer 2010 fashion trends reveal a blend of delicate and sporty styles that gives you a lot of choices.
For all those leggy females out there, it’s time to flaunt your shapely legs. Tap pants, boy shorts, hot pants, printed patterned pants and micro shorts are summer 2010 fashion must haves. You could also pair over-the-knee socks with hot pants or boy shorts. Leggings are getting a whole lot funkier. There is no dearth of variety when it comes to patterns and prin

Designer Clothing

In today’s fashion conscious society, with the plethora of designers that are capturing the market, it would be a difficult task to note down the top fashion designers all over the world! Designer clothing gives one the satisfaction of owing a designer piece that is unique in every way! Many fashion weeks are gaining popularity and getting bigger sales for designers all over; these events also provide a platform for young designers to showcase their talent and have a personal encounter with the consumers as well. As I sit back and think about some of the top designer clothing and labels that cause quite a flurry of activity once any new line is launched, I find it really difficult to pin down on just a few designers. In fact, designer clothing has grown in leaps and bounds with the number of designers that are entering this scenario and also the various kinds of innovative designs that are being created, to please the varying tastes of the consumers worldwide.
Designer Clothing: Top names that belong to this bracket
Oooh! Prada. This brand started off by manufacturing stylish leather bags and when Miuccia Prada joined the family business, she changed the face of the company. This super stylish lady launched Miu Miu, the first women’s wear collection meant for the younger generation in the year 1988. The designer clothing that belongs to this brand is known to be really cool and comfortable and unique in its own way. This designer label also has a Prada beauty range to pamper you in true style.
Gucci is an Italian brand name, which was founded by Guccio Gucci. Gucci is one of the largest selling Italian brands all over the world. Gucci has expanded phenomenally as a brand and this includes designer clothing, perfumes, watches etc. An interesting fact about this designer clothing is that Gucci’s Genius jeans were considered to be the most expensive kinds throughout the world. Genius jeans had to undergo a certain process to arrive to the final outlook. Such is the popularity of the brand Gucci; it has even been mentioned in pop songs and movies as well.
Valentino Garavani:
Now who wouldn’t want to own an exclusive piece of designer clothing that belonged to the Valentino house! Such is his creativity that he has dressed many Hollywood stars that have walked the red carpet in a Valentino. Valentino is an Italian fashion designer whose brand houses not only haute couture but also a ready to wear collection. With many awards under his belt, Valentino got his first breakthrough at the Pitti Palace from where he never looked back!
Alexander McQueen:
Alexander McQueen was focused about his goals at a very young age. This talented fashion designer had a modest beginning but was the youngest to bag the prestigious British Designer of the Year award for 3 years. His designs are romantic and also have an impeccable unmatched finish that is so evident even in his recent collection of designer clothing. The current collection plays around with pastel and muted shades with clean silhouettes and there are some gorgeous playful dresses as well.
Marc Jacobs:
Ooh la la! Designer clothing that belongs to the house of Marc Jacobs are ultra stylish and very very haute! The ready to wear designer clothing (Fall 2008 Women’s wear) includes loads of gray and muted shades in soft finishes. It was the year 1997 that saw Marc being appointed as the Creative Director for Louis Vuitton. His designs at Louis Vuitton are very contemporary. Jacob also has to his credit a ready to wear line that was the first to be launched by Louis Vuitton. His exclusive designer clothing can be found in many boutiques that are located in New York, Los Angeles, Florida, San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas, and also in boutiques that are located throughout Europe, Middle East and Asia.
This is yet another Italian brand that oozes sensuality and glamor! Gianni Versace founded this designer label, Versace, in the year 1978. When he was murdered in 1997, his sister Donatella Versace took over this prestigious label in the design department. Gianni Versace’s brother, Santo was declared CEO of the Versace brand. Designer clothing of the Versace group has always used electric colors and fitting silhouettes for the woman. Versace for men, always teeters closely to slim silhouettes and cleans lines. Pop diva Madonna, drop dead gorgeous Angelina Jolie, sultry Jennifer Lopez and Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt are only some of the many elite customers of the Versace brand.
Roberto Cavalli:
This Italian fashion designer can revamp any woman and turn her into a glam goddess. Luxury clothing is his specialized area and his line of Just Cavalli attire includes an affordable range, for denim lovers. His company, Roberto Cavalli features premium haute couture and includes a wide range of sunglasses, lingerie, beachwear and other accessories. Animal prints and bold designs form the trademark of this luxury brand.

Indian Clothes

Types of Indian Clothes:

Indian clothes are fast gaining prominence in the global market. In India,  every state has its own unique style and ways of dressing and can see that ethnic wear rules Indian style of dressing. Females in India still follow the traditional styles of Indian clothes although now can see a western influence in it as well. Indian clothes, though traditional and ethnic in their appeal, have a giant market due to the flexibility it offers. Indian clothes can be structured to look modern and even ethnic, simultaneously. Every community in India has something new to offer as far as the designs are concerned. Colors are used in abundance in Indian clothing and this is visible in the colorful costumes of the females in Gujrat and Rajasthan as well. From being rich and elaborate to being glamorous and sensual, Indian clothes have much more to offer than you could ever imagine. Take a peek in to some of the basics of Indian clothing and why these are a anger even today.
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Organic Baby Clothes

Benefits of Organic Clothes

Organic kid clothes can be an ideal choice for those who need to pick the best for their children. Organic cotton is lovely for our skin & body as well as for safe & neat ecosystem. Organic cotton is grown without using the harmful chemicals, harsh bleaches or pesticides. Hence, the amount of these harmful chemicals that enters the soil, air & water is significantly reduced. As a result, the chances of environmental pollution are minimized. It also helps to maintain soil fertility & build a biologically diverse agricultural method.

Poisonous chemicals & pesticides are not at all used while harvesting the organic cotton. While making the organic clothes, use of harsh bleaches & dyes is avoided. These types of garments minimize the exposure to toxins & industrial chemicals, which are responsible for allergies & other illnesses such as respiratory issues. Therefore people with chemical sensitivity & allergies get various health benefits from using the organic clothes.
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New Eyewear Trends for 2010 - Glasses trends

Let us start with the boss of the season, Hugo Boss 2010 eyewear collections. Hugo Boss has come up with the most sophisticated yet elegant designs of fashion eyewear 2010. In case you are fan of their fashion line ups, these Hugo Boss 2010 eyewear collection is in line with their clothing collection. The favourite denim maker formerly known as Tsubi & now as Ksubi, has given a sneak preview of their Spring 2010 trends in eyewear. These glasses are not only icy, but so tremendous stylish you will need to have all of them. You can check out their fashion eyewear trends 2010 images on the Net.

You will fall in love with the Spring 2010 eyewear trends from Stella McCarthey. He knows her business & he does it well. This time he's created a brand spanking new line of designer eyewear collection teaming up with Luxottica, a
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Formal Party Dresses

The initial step is always to check the party invitation. Usually the invitation will give you a clue in to the formality of the event or even the dress code such as white tie event or a black tie event etc.

# Try on plenty of different dresses to find the right style & fit for you. You may like a dress for the style or color but it may not be the right fit for you. Pay close attention to the fit of each garment for the formal event. If there is any pulling, bunching or creasing, then go up a size. Take a mate with you for moral support & a second opinion.

Colors play an important role in selecting formal party dresses for females. For example, for a fancy wedding, you may require to stick with cocktail dresses of basic or understated colors. Black, navy & other neutral colors are great to wear to a wedding. For a semi-formal event, you have more freedom to pick from a
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Latest Fashion Trends 2011

The Spring/Summer 2011 saw a combination of delicate styles with some sporty trends. The latest fashion trends have a touch of the past, yet are outrageous modern in taste. The color tones for this season are neutral shades.The color trend is a bit subtle to balance the print & energy of other fashion trends. The other colors prevalent this season are pinks, blues, browns & you won't think it, neon green! The next latest trend in fashion is the knee high & over the heel socks. These are sporty & stylish & add lots of volume to an outfit. These knee high socks will go well with hot pants & boy shorts. This will make you look sexy & sweet. Be sure not wear the shorts short, you do not need to finish up with a fashion catastrophe.

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Latest Teens fashion trends

There are lots of articles dedicated to fashion trends: trends for men or ladies, trends for kids & even for canines. What about teenagers? Try to do a web search & you will notice that finding lovely guidelines about teen fashion trends is not as simple as it may appear. Why is it this way? The reason for this lack of information is teen fashion being more complicated than any other. Teenagers are fighting against society; they put lots of work to be different, but they also invent new trends & fashion styles.
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Baby Clothes Patterns

Baby clothes patterns can be regarded as templates, which give a framework for sewing infant clothes. Also the pattern lets you make infant clothes in future as well. Thus, a single pattern can let you make a variety of infant clothes for your tiny. Start your project by taking measurements of your infant. Measure the circumference of her neck and then length from neck to torso. Also measure length from torso to waist. Measure her little waist and from there towards her toes. Transfer all the measurements on a muslin cloth, with a pencil. Note the measurements from top to bottom. You may must add a few centimeters here and there, in the event you are planning to drape the clothing.

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Workout Cloths for Plus size Women

Regular gym goers have special requirements for clothing. They need clothes which not only give them comfort but also make them look nice while working out. The statement holds true for and size females as well. While slim & toned females basically get what they need from malls & sports shops, and size females must struggle hard to find apparels which can fulfill all their needs. Plenty of among them fail to find what they exactly need & finish up purchasing whatever clothing is obtainable in the market in the sections, workout clothes for and size women
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Teen Hair Style Ideas

The teen hair style has never been shorter. In fact, lots of teenage girls are now wearing their hair shorter than the boys. But thing is always sure; the short teen hair style is always a stylish hair style. Filled with texture and interest, the short teen hair style is never dull, Probably the most popular short teen hair style of today is a variation on the pixie cut. Only about one? to one ½ in length throughout, this teen hair style is heavily textured and can be worn in several different ways. From rigid spikes and soft funk to close-to-the-head tresses, this teen hair style accommodates a variety of tastes.
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I've been thinking a lot about names lately, especially things that are mis-named.  What's up with that?  We want people new to America to learn English, the least we can do is call things what they are!  Below I have listed some of the worst examples.  


#17  Turtles - I guess I shouldn't complain, since real turtles don't taste this good, but the principle....

#16  Urinal Cake - Come to think of it, why would you eat a real cake in a urinal?  Again, though, the principle!

#15  Sweetbread - There are Bad Carbs, and then there's just friggin' ridiculous. 

#14  Paradise, Michigan - I don't know where Paradise is, but I know sure as shootin' it ain't in Michigan. 

#13  Headcheese - I'm not quite sure what I expected headcheese to look like, but that ain't it. 

#12  Grape Nuts - I've yet to figure out what Grape Nuts are, but I know two things it is not: grapes and nuts. 

#11  Rocky Mountain Oysters - If you're ordering Oysters all the way in the Rocky Mountains, you really have no one to blame.  

#10  Cheesecake - It doesn't taste like cheese or cake - it just tastes awful, and anyone who disagrees with me is clearly with the terrorists. 

#09  Poker Chips - As Homer would say, "Don't try to eat these so-called chips."

#08  Tossed Salad - Umm....I must have made a mistake on this one.  Just ignore it...coughcough

#07  Elephant Ears - My biggest complaint - no way those are the right size!  Make 'em Elephant-size and I'm flexible on the pastry. 

#06  Naked Lunch - To quote Nelson Muntz, "I can think of at least two things wrong with that title."

#05  Spotted Dick - I would have bet money this was a Venereal Disease. Looking at the picture, don't rule that out. 

#04  Bearclaws - I thought eating a bear would give me the strength of a bear, but all I got was a sugar-coma.  

#03  Hot Dog - If we do end up going the literal way, I vote for poodles first. As much as those dogs are pampered, they have to be the Kobe Beef of dogs. 

#02  Black Light - For the last time - IT'S PURPLE.  CALL IT A PURPLE LIGHT!

and the number one _______ is......

#01  NeverEnding Story - 'Nuff said.  

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Watermelon Jones


A few years ago Gwyneth Paltrow named her child Apple, which set off a round of mockery for her choices.  I'm fairly sure I was a part of it.  But the longer I live, the more I come around.  In the future, names will get more and more distinctive and less of a stigma than a benefit to be unusual. (I've been saying this for years: urban black women are WAY ahead of the curve.)

I am an expert on names - the greatest who ever lived.  Unlike some who only look at...well, nothing, I think of how a name feels to hear, how it feels to say...the mouth feel of words as they roll off the tongue.  I know some of you will shake your head at this - but hear me, disbelieving idiots - the way a word sounds and feels is every bit as important to conveying meaning and experience as the alleged meaning a word has.  Hear me, and know it for Truth!

Back to fruit though: why not?  They are delicious, nutritious, usually pretty to look at, and every name means something.  As for the whole "kids will make fun of them" argument, give me a break.  This is overblown, and any fears are outgrown soon.  Later on the child will be happy with an unusual name.  However, while I support Gwyneth's philosophy, I don't personally care for Apple as a name.  Thus, being helpful to anyone else out there looking to name their child after a juicy fruit (but not Juicyfruit - if you're going gum, you can't be Hubba Bubba for a boy or Wrigley for a girl), I have the five best fruits to consider, as well as five you should leave alone. 


#5  Banana - the syllables sound a little bit silly strung together, and then there's the whole visual aspect...

#4  Kiwi - Don't take away one of the three things New Zealand has!

#3  Gooseberry - You're just asking for trouble.  Why not name the kid Pat McCrotch while you're at it?

#2  Ulgi Fruit - Visually, verbally, viscerally....if you can't figure this out, please sterilize yourself...NOW. 

and the number one fruit that would make a terrible name for a kid....

#1  Kumquat - Sounds like a Middle-Eastern porn star.  Best stay away.  


#5  Loganberry - Logan is already a popular name for a kid, so this is just adding some extra juice.  What's not to love?  

#4  Mango - If I were a rapper, I would strongly consider calling myself Big better recognize...fool!

#3  Peach - Tell me this wouldn't make a great name for a girl!  She sounds delicious!  And you could call her Peachy for short.  This is a total winner.  

#2  Blueberry - I've heard from naysayers on Twitter that this sounds like a stripper name, but they were all on drugs.  I maintain Blueberry Butterscotch would be a name worthy of the gods.  You cannot deny this. 

and the number one fruit that would make a good name for a kid....

#1  Tangerine - When I started this list I assumed Blueberry would be #1 no problem....Tangerine sort of came out of the blue for me.  Nicknames of Tangy or Tangery - both awesome - and Tangerine just sounds....neat.  It would totally work.  Now go have yourself a kid and try it out!


Thanks to Jadriana for the pics.  You are definitely one fruity girl. 
Thanks to Orangelo and Limongelo for advice
Thanks to Kenya allowing me to grow up there and cultivate such a love for fruit

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