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Rawry feels left out


Rawry felt left out by yesterday's 31 Days of Rawr Anagrams, so I said he could do a list too.  These are what he came up with:


#5  Stony Thyroid Wayfarer - Know what's not so great in banana pudding? Stony Thyroid Vanilla Wayfarers

#4  Testy Hoary Dwarf Irony - Not sure if Dwarf Irony means a small amount of irony or if it dwarfs regular irony

#3  Showy Randy Fairy Otter - This sounds like an Ohio State Fair 4-H project run amok.

#2  Rowdy Stony Fairy Heart - Oh, the complicated paradox of the heart of a fairy - rowdy, yet stony, too.  Will anyone tame her?

and the number one Anagram for "Thirty-one Days of RAWRY" is.....

#1  Horny Tasty Rowed Fairy - our third "fairy" entry (I think we're learning something about Rawry), and a horny tasty fairy at that! I asked Rawry what the "rowed" meant and he made this obscene cowboy gesture, which just goes to show you that A) Rawry can't spell very well and B) hide your women, children and fairies when Rawry's out and about - for soon he'll be comin' down your rowed!

Hyperion (Pony Heir)
& Rawry (Ywarr!)

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Anagram Warr


#16  Hairy Dotty Forewarns - I'm not sure how many friends "Hairy Dotty" has, but when she speaks, you damn-well better listen!

#15  Shitty Donor Wayfarer - I'm pretty sure this guy has dated one (or more) of my Exes; what that says about me I don't know.

#14  Shanty Firewood Tarry - What this hotel needs is a shanty firewood tarry-cloth robe!

#11 (tie)  Warrantied Frothy Soy     Eastward Frothy Irony        Newsy Frothy Radiator - I couldn't decide between these three, but Frothy Irony would make a great drink name.

#10  Thy Frontier Roadways  - Who suddenly got a mad hunger to play the ol' Oregon Trail computer game?

9  Showy Retardation Fry - Speakin' of mad hunger, I'd think twice before chowing down on these dudes, ketchup or not.

#8  Often Worthy Disarray - If this was an inner-city home it would be often worthy disarray-ray.

#7  Hooray Tawny Drifters - I sure hope that's not the AFLAC Duck, or I ain't believin' in nothin' no more!

#6  Shadowy Fairy Torrent - A ballet fairy and a waterfall - is there anything more sinister?

#3 (tie)  Nifty Arrowhead  Story    Tiny Frosty Arrowhead       Forty Tiny Arrowheads - All three of these conjure short-story ideas. If only I wasn't so lazy I'd write them!

#2  Throaty Fairy Wonders - Would make the best gay band name ever.

and the number one Anagram of Thirty-One Days of Rawr! is .....

#1  Swarthy Fiery Tornado - This looks like a public service ad for acid reflux disease: "This is your intestine.....this is your intestine after Taco Bell.....any questions?"

(or Honey Rip, if you prefer)

Thanks to Jadriana for help with pictures

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Vampires, Ghosts and Zombies

[Back in 2005 I put out the call for scary-movie lists and my friend Ajax (who's since passed) sent me not one but three lists.  To honor him I thought I would reprint his lists. The links all go to, and if you buy anything they send me a shiny nickel.  -Hyperion]

7. Blade
4. Nosferatu (1922)

Hyperion's note: there is one Vampire movie (which I will be reviewing next week) that I think would have topped Ajax's list if he'd lived long enough to see it. I would have paid money to see Twilight with him, just to witness his anguish. 

9. Ghost
4. Topper

Hyperion's Note - I wasn't allowed to see Ghostbusters or Beetlejuice as a kid, and to this day I have honored that parental decree


3. Friday the 13th, part II and onwards

Hyperion's Note: Don't hate, but I just don't get the appeal of Zombies.  Maybe one day I'll learn. 

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Prom Dresses

Prom Dresses:

Prom dresses are ball frocks or gowns worn for a prom. Prom is the shortened form of promenade, and is the conventional dance or assemblage of high school pupils in the United States of America and Canada. It is usually conducted at the end of the academic year of a junior or senior. It is one of the most significant events of high school pupils. A junior of the high school who attends a prom may be called a Junior Prom, whereas senior may be called Senior Prom. The dance can even be a merged one of juniors and seniors.
A Prom Queen and Prom King are selected; these are the titles granted honorary through a school election conducted before the prom. The remaining students are included in a “Prom Court”, and this depends on their extracurricular activities in the school. This is usually reserved for seniors. A “Prom Prince” or a “Prom Princess” may also be elected from the juniors. There would also be a “Post Prom”, after the prom, arranged at some restaurants or at the school itself.
The attire of the boys attending a prom can be a formal wear of black and white
, no matter at what time the event is conducted. It is at times accompanied with brilliantly colored ties or bow-ties and vests (a garment that covers the upper part of the body). These are available for rent at stores that are open particularly for these wears.
Girls attending a prom usually wear traditional garments. These dresses can be bought from shops specialized for this or through internet shopping or from boutiques. Lot many popular brands sell these prom dresses and novel collections reach the market during every prom season.
Girls also appear pretty by wearing corsages, which are provided according to their dates, and they give a matching floral decoration called a boutonnière for the boys, hopefully they will match the prom dresses too. Corsage is the bouquet of flowers that a woman wears on her garment (pin-on) or close to her wrist, most often during a prom or on her wedding. Sometimes it can even be a nosegay altered such that a girl can carry in her hand. Most preferably, the colors of the corsage should be such that it makes a perfect complement for the prom dress.
The girls also gather at beauty salons for hair dressing, usually in groups, and this is more or less considered a social activity.