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Henna Hair

Henna Hair
Many of us may be most familiar with Henna as it`s use for body art as most of go with the traditional chemical methods of coloring, low-lighting, or highlighting our hair. Henna, however, is a great way to achieve the same results, but with natural ingredients that aren`t as harsh or permanent as with traditional hair-coloring treatments. If you`ve never tried Henna, we`ll fill you in on the details and basics of what it`s all about and how it`s different than your everyday chemical version of hair coloring.

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Henna Art

Henna Art
Beautiful, exotic, and temporary body art inspired by the traditions of India, Morocco, North Africa, and the Middle East right in your own home in San Diego County, CA

Natasha Monahan Papousek of Crescent Moon Designs will do custom, hand-drawn henna artwork for private appointments, personal and public events, weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, fundraisers, bat and bar mitzvahs, sweet 16 parties, and any occasion worth celebrating…we come to you.

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Henna Tattoo Design

Henna Tattoo Design
Most people associate henna tattoos with their temporary beginnings. However, these fleeting pieces of art have inspired many more permanent creations. A lot of people prefer to place these complex designs on large areas of the body, and favor the use of the earthy red and brown hues that come naturally to the tattoo’s more ephemeral cousin.

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Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Designs
Welcome to, the original and greatest source for tattoo designs online! Whether you're a tattoo newbie or a professional tattoo aritst, our gallery of tattoo art and tattoo photos is an invaluable source of inspiration for your next tattoo. Your membership with allows you access to our ever expanding tattoo art gallery.

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Rather B

Things haven't gone that well for me this year, for reasons I'm not going to get into, at least today. The point is, I, like many of you, would rather

be doing something other than what I'm actually doing.

The following are the Top Ten things I'd Rather B Doing (than what I AM doing), presented in rhyming couplets, because that's just how I bagel.

The Top Ten Things I'd Rather B (Doing)

#10  Epic Writing - (hoping to be third of a way through a novel by now)

#9  Wrong A-Righting - (You must pay the rent! I can't pay the rent! You must pay the rest! I can't pay the rent! You must pay the rent! I can't pay the rent. i'll pay the rent. My Hero! Curses! Foiled Again!)

#8  Old School Dancing (I will cabbage patch you into the ground, fool!)

#7   Elf Romancing - (Not sure what will melt her, but I bet it's pointy.)

#6  Jerky Drying (Ironically, I look at that and get moist.)

#5  Fee Fo Fi-ing - (You don't even want to know what this fairy tale represents. Hint....Divinyls)

#4  Old West Hippoing - (If you think hippos weren't a powerful scourge in the Old West...consider the fact that the Hippo Consortium got every single reference to them removed from the literature. You think about that. True power indeed.....)

#3  Magic Zippoing - (Who doesn't like tricks with fire? Nobody! That's who!)

#2  Kung-Fu Fighting - (one of the central planks for my ground-breaking BLKF Theory)

and the #1 thing I'd Rather B doing is....

#1  Jedi Knigting - (I AM a Jedi Knight, and if  you don't believe me, just come and try to get your Droids back.)

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Cross Tattoos For Women

Cross Tattoos For Women
If you have been thinking about getting a tattoo but are not sure what to get, you most likely have considered a cross tattoo. Cross tattoos are very popular because they can have so many different meanings and appeal to a wide variety of people. The most obvious meaning behind a cross tattoo is religion. There is perhaps no religious icon or symbol more universally recognized today than the Christian Cross.

However, cross tattoos do not always have to symbolize Christianity or any religion for that matter. Cross tattoos for women have become increasingly popular in the last ten years for many reasons. Tattooing has become fashionable for women and cross tattoos for women are one of the most popular.

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