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Eco Cars: Koenigsegg reveals solar-powered supercar with the best of everything

Eco Factor: Zero-emission electric car powered by solar energy.

Finally electric cars get what they always wanted with Koenigsegg revealing their most-desired car, the Quant. Shaped like a sedan, the Quant is an electric super car that is powered by the energy it generates from the sun. Fitted with a 512 hp engine, the car propels to 62mph in just over 5 seconds with a top speed of a bone-shattering 171 mph.

The car carries a thin layer of solar panels all over its body, which generate electricity to juice up the battery pack the car is equipped with. The technology has been developed by Koenigsegg along with NLV Solar AG. For days when the sun isn’t shining, the car can be recharged from a conventional wall outlet, which can juice up the batteries, powering both its electric motors in just 20 minutes
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