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Campfire Paintings

To start off the Monkey Barn Campfire Story I ended up going with an Edward Hopper painting. However, I had other many good choices. Here are are the first five, and the opening lines I would have used. [Click on picture for full size]

#10 The first line would have been, "Everyone seemed to be enjoying their day at the park, transfixed with the water, but Marjorie was still worried they'd discover she was hiding a midget in her dress...."

#9 First line: "The more Jeff thought about it, the more determined he was to write a strongly worded memo to Acounting: 'I appreciate our company's cost-cutting measures, but added all up I'm just not sure the new Sub-Coach Class is worth the savings.'"

#8 First line: "Boyd looked at himself in the mirror and couldn't help but think, 'It's nice to know the years and the clown-murders have yet to catch up to my handsome face."

#7 "It wasn't the nudity that Frances minded so much, but the way Joy simply refused to let anyone else put their foot on the ball."

#6 "It was a love not meant to be, him with his stubborn foolish pride turned to self loathing, and her with her damned feathers always getting in the way."

Can you think of better opening lines? Feel free to leave them in the comments.

Up tomorrow: the Top Five paintings I almost used.