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Fall Fashion Trends for Women

Fall Fashion Trends for Women
Leather and velvet are the two fabrics that’ll completely dominate the world of fabrics. Be it short skirts, leggings, dresses, pants or jackets, leather will be seen everywhere. On the other hand velvet will give that much needed classy and feminine touch to your wardrobe. It won’t be looked down as a girly fabric, instead it will emerge as a new face of sophistication. So do not forget to stock your wardrobe with elegant velvet dresses. Read more on leather clothing.
Fall is all about colors, naturally fashion trends will also reflect this natural phenomenon. Like always, red, orange and yellow will be a huge hit. However, red will undergo a slight make over and will present itself in blue undertones. Deep yellow will be a preferred choice over the brighter one. Orange will remain as vibrant as ever. Similarly, earthy shades like gray, deep purple, royal blue will be sought after as well. Read more on women’s clothing.

Styles and Cut
Layers, frills and pleats, will all be there, this season as well. One shoulder dresses will make a bold appearance almost everywhere, from socialite events to awards functions (thanks to Michelle Obama, who wore it at inauguration ball and made it an instant hit). Accordion pleat tops will make a come back yet again to make a sensuous style statement. These pretty necklines suit almost everyone as they do not reveal anything beyond what is required! Read more on fashion clothing.
Thigh high boots will make their presence felt yet again. These sexy boots have the potential to change a girl next door into an absolutely stunning diva. You can choose from suede or leather, flat or high heeled shoes. Similarly, ankle length faux fur trimmed shoes will also become quite popular. From lace up sandals to mid calf, flat shoes to stilettos, this fall will offer everything to pacify even the most fussiest of the fashionistas.
This season, focus will be on accentuating the thin waist with large, clear belts. Accessories, especially bags, will flaunt a lot of bling with sequined embellishment and loads of other glitzy decorations. Accessories would be mostly designed to go with the dress, as monotonous look would be the ‘in’ thing, this fall.
Broad shoulder jackets and fur stoles will dominate the fall fashion trends for women over 40. Similarly, fall fashion trends for women over 50 are inspired by military pieces, capes and cloaks. The overall trend would be to look mature and not desperately try to look young. Also read fashion advice for women over 50.
Fall fashion trends for women in 2009 are going to be difficult to predict, as we are going to see little bit of everything. Though, sophistication is going to be the ruling factor, ‘disco’ influenced styles are definitely going to make their presence felt. Also, recession won’t affect the taste of true fashionistas and the inclination towards buying designer wear will stay this season as well.