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Weird Names

[Tracy, of Kaply Inc., was kind enough to help out during this tough week. I asked her for a top ten list, and this is what she came up with….]

Well, you asked me for a top ten list. I normally don't make lists for anything other than groceries, and I only do it then because otherwise I am susceptible to the lure of the cheese, but after intense brain wracking, I gave up and sat down to watch the game.

No, not basketball, I hate basketball, it's baseball season, I watch baseball. The Sox beat the Rangers, 7 to 2, Opening Day and as I watched Trot Nixon smack the hell out of the ball, I thought to myself, I thought "Self, you oughta do one of them there top ten weird athlete names lists for Hyperion" because when I talk to myself, sometimes I'm a hillbilly.

And here it is.

Top Ten Weird Athlete Names, From Least Weird To Most, And When I Say Weird, I Ain't Kidding.

#10. Pokey Reese

#9. Trot Nixon

#8. Pete LaCock

#7. Coco Crisp

#6. Mookie Wilson

#5. Baskerville Holmes

#4. Candy Maldonado

#3. Van Lingle Mungo

#2. Majestic Mapp

#1. Detlef Schrempf