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Muslim Girls Picture

Muslim Girls Picture
I have nothing against Muslim people and I respect them, but I have to say that these Muslim girls are really stupid or maybe the tradition is really crazy. When these women go to beach they are all dressed up and you can only see their faces. What is this? Is this a teaching in Quran which tell you that if you are a Muslim woman and if you want to go to beach you need to be dressed and people can see only your face and if you want to take a bath ion the sea or in the ocean you need to have all your clothes on you? I think this is not fair!

Many of these Muslim girls are really beautiful, they are young and have great bodies so they should all show us their beauty. This is my opinion. How can you get a tan if you have all your clothes on you? I think that these girls are stupid if the accept that!

That jilbab, hijab, niqab or burqa or whatever it is the name, has nothing to do with the beach, sun and fun. Don’t tell me it is an elegant swimwear or something like that! Muslim girls from all over the World, just take your clothes off and enjoy the sun, water and your beauty! If you want to see some really hilarious Muslim women here on you can do it. A really funny Muslim cartoon or a very hilarious Muslim photo are here for you too! Unfortunately these seem to be strange things to us, but normal to some people.

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