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Potato Love


#6 Pina Colada - My mom actually suggested this, but it's a good idea. Coconut, pineapple and a dried rum liqueur flavoring would make a pretty great chip!

#5 Coca Cola - This is a natural fit. I think that signature fizzy taste on your tongue would go great on a potato chip, and this might lead to a whole new round of polar bear commercials!

#4 Honey - This sweet and salty combo would be out of this world good. BONUS: Honey Garlic is a totally kickass wing flavor: chips would be good here too.

#3 Chili - I know that some chips have recently added Chili as a flavor, but I mean to coat the entire chip in Chili Powder. When I make my award-winning oven fries Chili Powder is my go-to spice, with many a seduced comely lass to tell me it works! Bring on the heat!

#2 Mango - It seems to me that Citrus would dry better (and therefore translate to chips) than other fruits. A ripe mango taste would be perfect here. Mangos are sweet but not overpowering, and the added tang would be heavenly alongside the salt of the chip.

and the number one flavor I'd like to see on Potato Chips.....

#1 Chocolate - Frankly I cannot believe this hasn't happened yet. A thin dried potato chip is the perfect medium for chocolate. You could just add cocoa powder for a dark chocolate delight, or any amount of sugar and milk chocolate solids to make a truly sinful treat. Are you telling me that women wouldn't eat these by the truckload? Even the name is kismet: chocolate chips! I think I should get some congratulatory BJs just for thinking this up!

Someone contact Big Potato and get on that, okay?  

But speaking of chips, you might ask, "Hyperion where does "chips" rank on the list of "Best uses of the Potato"?

I'm so very glad you asked, made-up reader! Without further ado....


#10 Salad – I’m not a big fan, but my mom assures me potato salad is good. I’ve heard there are non mayo versions, and I’d be more apt to try that.

#9 Scalloped – I don’t have a problem with these, but I’m reluctant to put these on the list, since they are basically au gratins without cheese. However, I’m told some people like them even more.

#8 Perogies - I've only come to know these since moving to Canada, but I am a fan. Plus, I've come up with an amazing way to prepare them.

#7 Baked – Kind of boring, but if you spice them up with cheese, butter, hamburger, chili, bacon—or better yet, all of them—it’s not a bad deal.

#6 Wedges – My mom assures me that this is different from fries. They’re dipped in batter or some seasoning before prepared. (I did have potato skins in this spot, but they are so boring that I took them out and am inserting wedges.)

#5 Hashbrowns – Back in Georgia there was this place called Waffle House, and you could order your hasbrowns scattered (broken up), smothered (onions), covered (melted cheese), chunked (ham), diced (tomatoes) and topped (chili).

#4 Au Gratin – cheese and potatoes. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

#3 Mashed – I’ve learned different way to prepare these, and I’m having so much fun with it. You can have creamy or chunky, skins on or off, and the flavoriings! You got your garlic mashed, your cheesy mashed, your herb mashed, and even your plain ol’ butter and milk is a solid winner every time.

#2 Chips – My current favorite (other than at the Buckhead Diner in Atlanta, where they serve them straight out of the oven with melted maytag blue-cheese running all over) are kettle chips. I just love those. Otherwise, I prefer non-ridges to ridges, but it’s really hard to ruin a potato chip anyway you look at it.

And the number one way to prepare a potato…..

#1 Fries – Whether they be criss-cut, curly, seasoned, steak or regular, fries are the best. We really shouldn’t even be calling them fries, as I actually bake mine, and they are to die for, but seeing as how we only recently dropped part of the name, I see no harm with keeping “fries” for awhile longer. (However, if anyone can give me a better name, I’m all ears.)

[Chip List originally written 2/19/07
Potato list originally written 4/28/06]

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