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Dating in Pakistan - Dream of Pakistani Boys

Dating in Pakistan is a complex and newly emerging concept. Pakistan mostly comprises of Muslim people from rural areas and conservatives belonging to middle class society. They all look down upon this new phenomena evolving in our Islamic country. Many areas of Pakistan are liberal in their approach such as Lahore in Punjab and Karachi in Sindh. On the other hand, in many western parts of Pakistan like the N.W.F.P and Baluchistan you will find age old tribal customs which prohibit this liberalism.

Dating begins and blooms in certain places, like colleges and universities. Love blossoms while studying together and finally after a few years the couple might consider marriage the traditional way. This means that the boy's family finally shows up at the girl's home for the proposal. This leads to engagement ceremony and eventually marriage. Though there is nothing evidently wrong with this sort of marriage arrangement but our religion Islam does not permit mixing of men and women for the purpose of romance. Many people oppose this growing liberalism. They claim that this phenomenon arises from the West. We as Muslims should not follow in the footsteps of the western culture and traditions. Even Indian media is responsible to quite some extent for promoting this concept through their movies which portray love, dating and other such notions commonly. They leave a deep impression on youngsters mind.

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