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Now Use Unlimited Internet on Your iPhone

Use Unlimited Internet on Your iPhoneGood News for those who were waiting for Verizon iPhone 4 because now you will be able to use Unlimited Internet on your iPhone 4 just for $30. Recently, we came to know that Verizon will be offering Unlimited Internet for $30 for iPhone 4. Wall Street Journal got the official news from Verizon about this offer. Verizon's Chief Operating Officer Lowell McAdam said that if Verizon did not offer Unlimited Internet for reasonable price then AT&T customers who are looking to switch carrier, will may not switch to Verizon.

As mentioned in above leaked photo, Verizon will be dropping the prices of 150MB plan for $15 and will be giving Unlimited Internet for $30 only. Though this is a good offer for customers but this may start 3G data war.
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