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Countries that begin with the letter N

With the all-important birth of Shiloh, Namibia is suddenly on the map. This prompted me to do a top ten list of countries that begin with the letter N. (I’ve linked them all too, in case you want to learn.)

#10 New Caledonia – I preferred Old Caledonia, but what are you going to do?

#9 Nauru – The world’s smallest Island nation, but as the Naruians like to say, “It’s not the size of the island, but how you plant the flag.”

#8 Nagorno-Karabakh – I’m pretty sure this is also a spell incantation Harry Potter used. (Extra credit if you can even get the right continent.)

#7 Norway – National Motto: “We’re not Finland!”

#6 Namibia – Soon to change their name to “Brangelina.”

#5 Nicaragua – Anyone who invented Contra (and later Super Contra) gets my vote.

#4 Nepal – If only for the flag and all the ass-kicking

#3 Netherlands – “So tell me again about the hash bars….”

#2 Nigeria – Will be more important than Japan in your lifetime.

And the number one country that starts with the letter N…

#1 New Zealand – It’s Middle Earth, people! ‘Nuff said.