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All About My Sister

First of all, you’ll notice that there’s a new feature on this site. Over on the right you should see “Notifymylist” What his will (hopefully; fingers crossed) allow me to do is have the website update you when I have a new posting. If this works, I won’t have to send out the column via email any more. However, this is just a test to see if it works. So, what I want you to do is sign up for it, and then let me know if it works for you.

Today is my sister’s birthday, and in honor of that, I present the Top Ten things I like about her.

#10 She has really hot friends

#9 She has become a fantastic cook

#8 I used to time how long it would take her to go get the mail each day (even though I didn’t have a watch) and she would do it each time and believe me when I made up a time. It takes a sister to do that.

#7 She tries really hard to learn stuff I teach her

#6 She was the first family member to call me Hyperion

#5 She got me a huge stuffed lion for Christmas

#4 She’s extremely loyal to friends and family.

#3 She takes my opinion on books and movies seriously, and is more likely to want to see something if I like it

#2 When I hurt my ankles and couldn’t walk she helped me out, bringing food or getting medicine. I’d have never made it through those weeks without her.

and the number one thing I like about my sister (at least off the top of my head)….

#1 She thinks I’m the funniest guy she ever met