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Bad Birthday Party

Still can't get that stupid email notification thing to work, so I thought I'd go ahead and post so you wouldn't be kept waiting.

Since my sister's birthday is tomorrow, I told her she could do a Top Ten list today about whatever she wanted.

"Seeing as this the eve of the anniversary of my birth, I thought it appropriate to make my top ten list about something related to birthdays. We all know that you are supposed to get presents, or a cake, maybe even a party. But no one actually talks about is the ugly side of birthdays. We have all had several bad without further ado….."

The Top Ten Worst Things To Happen at Your Birthday Party

10. Your Mother thinks it would be cute to pull out the photo album and show the most loathed of all pictures…bathtub pictures.

9. Several people get you the same present…the Backstreet Boys CD!

8. The “adult” slicing the cake refuses to give you the best piece, and you are left with the dreaded corner.

7. You eat too much birthday cake, and end up throwing up all over your crush.

  1. Someone hits you instead of the piƱata

5. Clowns….need I say more?

4. You play Spin the bottle and you continue to get the one person who makes your skin crawl, but your mother made you invite them.

3. Someone Dies….all joking aside this really would suck. My heart goes out to all of you.

2. No one shows up to your party.

And the number one worst thing to happen at your birthday party is….

  1. You light your presents on fire. You laugh but I actually did this…. I got the most beautiful swimsuit one year, I held it up for everyone to see, and a candle burning near by lit it on fire. It burned so fast…and I was left with pieces of charred rayon, and spandex. Worst Birthday Ever!