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Made up Simpson Words


Wikipedia, the Internet Encyclopedia, credits The Simpsons with creating 89 distinct words or phrases. After pouring over the list, I have reluctantly narrowed down to the Top Ten and an honorable mention.


Honorable Mention Boo-urns – This doesn’t really belong on the list, but I loves me some Hans Moleman, and must give a shout out!

#10 Kwyjibo – Bart uses this in Scrabble, and tells Homer it’s, “A big dumb balding North American Ape….with no chin.” Then he runs for it.

#9 Führerific – What Bart calls Hitler’s car. I include this mostly because I want you to use it in a sentence this week. “Hey, boss: that meeting was Führerific!” Keep a straight face and I bet you can get away with it.

#8 Diddley – I wonder what my 15 year old neighbor would say if I greeted her with “Hi-diddly-ho; neighborino!”

#7 Gamblor – That mythical creature with neon claws that enslaves people (especially Marge) and makes them gamble.

#6 Dorkus Malorkus – from the Latin, according to Bart. I am definitely going to call someone that this week. Maybe more than one person.

#5 Unpossible – in the words of Ralph Wiggum: “Me fail English? That’s unpossible!”

#4 Jebus – If anyone can every find me a “Save me Jebus!” tee-shirt, I will bear your children.

#3 Sacrilicious – This applies to any of the words Homer uses. This one here was when he ate a waffle off the ceiling he thought was actually God. One of my favorites was when Homer ate flavored fertility drugs and said, “Mmmm…..ovulicious.” I thought Homer should salivate over a Halls cough drop and say “Mmmm….mentholicious.” but I can’t get anyone to back me up.

#2 Yoink! – I love onomatapoeiaing words!

And the number one made up Simpson word…

#1 Edumacation/Tramapoline/Saxamaphone – I say we change the regular words and make Homer’s words the real ones. Who’s with me?