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a CLIP show? Already?

First of all, this is the last list from me for awhile. I am just too swamped trying to get the new sites ready and redesign the old ones. If you’re a subscriber, you’ll know when there’s a new one because I’ll send you the link, if you’re not, you’ll just have to check back. Note: if any of you want to do your own lists, I’ll be happy to run them during my absence.

I didn’t have time to do a Halloween one, but since you got them all through the weekend I figured you wouldn’t mind. Instead, we have a Crummy recap episode.


#10 TV MOMS – Next year, I’m going as a MILF for Halloween

#9 B ACRONYMS – I had everyone guessing

#8 BEARS – I’m pretty sure this is why Bear no longer reads, since I didn’t put him on the list. Sorry, big guy.

#7 SIMPSONS HALLOWEEN EPISODES – I’ve been watching all the episodes the last two weeks, and I may have screwed up the list, but at least I had fun

#6 DISNEY SONGS – Another tough one, but I felt like I’d nailed it

#5 ‘80s SHOWS REDUX – I would watch every one of these

#4 HARRY POTTER – This was a sweet list, and spawned a new website (coming soon) WARNING: Mild Spoilers up to book 4

#3 SONGS TO DRIVE TO – The first (and pretty much only) time I got the group to participate. Doing this list throttled me. So many to choose from!

#2 EMOTIONAL MOVIE DEATHS – like Stella, I knew I’d hit my groove again

and the number one Top Ten List yet posted is…..

#1 HOT OLD CHICKS – C’mon. You know how I feel about older women! How could this not be number one?