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I say Tomato

I want to do some more Simpsons, but I thought I’d take a week off in order to work on more quotes, and who knows? Maybe someone will send me a list or something.

Today we look at the lovely tomato. (And f.Y.I., this font is called Plastic Tomato. Pretty cool, huh?)


5 Bruschetta Not only is this a great appetizer, but you can always tell who’s a poser by who says the word with a sh sound.

4 Salsa This raises a good question that I put to you: Who makes the best salsa?

3 Pizza/Spaghetti/Marinara Sauce Let’s be honest: these three are basically all the same, but they sure are tasty. I don’t think I would chose to live In a world without a good tomato sauce.

2 Sun-Dried Someone explain to me how drying these bad boys in the sun makes them so sweet. Anyway, however it happens, they sure are great

And the number 1 use of the tomato

1 Ketchup THE essential condiment of all time. I think it might even taste good on vanilla ice cream. Ketchup elevates tomatoes to the highest form of fruit: that which sacrifices itself for others. Amen.