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Jelly Belly

For Dinosaur Present Day (Featuring T-Rex) I was given this huge bag of Jelly Bellies. It weighed 2 kilograms. (For those of you in America, that's like 28 pounds.)

I'd never had Jelly Bellies before, and had a lot of fun trying each flavor. (The hard part was then attempting to match the color with the pictures on the back. Many of them are very similar looking).

Of course, it wasn't all beer and bellies. You never knew when you'd get a heinous Licorice, or even worse, Cappuccino or Cafe Late. It was like at any time you could be poisoned.

Still, that's a small price to pay for so much jelly goodness, and in some ways made the process sweeter; knowing potential death lay in every bite.

Though I liked all flavors (except the aforementioned three), I did come up with ten favorites. I was kind of surprised at my choices. I guess sometimes flavors don't come out well in Jelly Belly form. (Example: I love blueberries, mangos and raspberries like I love a cat-fight, but those flavors weren't as nuanced as I'd like.)


10. Toasted Marshmallow - It was very different, but I liked the hint of burnt 'mallow. Stood out from the crowd.

9. Strawberry Jam - just had that extra oomph that the Strawberry Daiquiri and Strawberry Cheesecake lacked.

8. Island Punch - Slightly tart, but in a good way. (Just how I like my women.)

7. Sizzling Cinnamon - There were two cinnamons (my mom drove herself crazy asking "Why?"), but tasting the second, I understand. I'm not a big Cinnamon fan, but I like my candy like I like my women: hot and burns my mouth.

6. Tutti Fruiti - Hard to go wrong there.

5. Peach - Just a good all around belly, and it went with almost all other flavors.

4. Chocolate Pudding - It didn't bowl me over, but was subtle, and I like my bellies like I like my women; sophisticated flavor.

3. Buttered Popcorn - Who knew? Fantastic stuff.

2. Tangerine - Not sure why this one stood out among all the other sour ones. I guess I like my bellies like I like my women: sharp and peelable.

1. Wild Blackberry - I'd have never guessed this would be my favorite, but go figure. It was sharp and subtle at the same time, powerful but not overpowering. (You know: kind of like how I like my women).

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