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Brought to you by the Letter P

Last night as I was trying to sleep I got this vision of foods that start with the Letter P. I started making the list in my head, and when I thought I had it all done, I kept thinking of more and more.

Now this morning I've forgotten three of them, but oh well; I'm sure you'll remember and remind me. The following are the top ten foods that begin with the letter P.

#10 Pickles - I like them just about any way you can think of, although my favorite is sweet and sour. (Picture: pickle on right)

#9 Parmesan - The best "add to" cheese in the world.

#8 Peanut Butter - We should do an entire list just on things we could make with the peanut butter

#7 Pie - For example, I think my favorite is chocolate peanut butter pie, but there are enough kinds to suit everyone.

#6 Pork - I can't decide whether I like chops, barbecue or just a nice pork loin, but this is one overlooked meat.

#5 Soft Pretzels - They should be served in restaurants instead of bread.

#4 Popcorn - Recently has become a huge craving of mine...dripping in hot butter. I'm weird, though: I like it almost as much the next day once the butter has softened the corn.

#3 Potato - Originally I didn't even have this on the list, and then I remembered at the last minute. This is another we should do a top ten list for. I'd lean to fries, but I'm willing to be convinced.

#2 Peaches - There is little better than biting into a fresh peach, savoring it as the juice runs down your chin. Yes indeedy; I could suck on a peach for hours.

and the number one food that starts with the letter P....

#1 Pizza - What'd you think it was going to be?