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A Reader's Favorite Pictures

I wanted to do a top ten list of the pictures posted on Monkey Barn last week, but I was afraid I would be biased. I may still do a list, biased or not, but for now, I asked Guest Top Ten Lister Mysteria to do one for me. The criteria: ignore who posted what picture, and just look for the ones that moved you in some way.

Mysteria had an awful time (she told me) cutting it down to ten. However, I nagged her, and this is eventually what she came up with:


#10 The Kat's up - The sheer comical presents of he cat says it all

#9 Orange peel frog - Taste the frog or the peel and you will feel bitterly ill

#8 Mr. Chuckles - This guy's smile ... It's cute, it's funny, It's adorable, It makes you smile

#7 Mouth Watering - She's about to bite and so will he!!! {I love this one. It is now my wall paper at work}

#6 Piece by Piece - Reality is only what it seems.

#5 Day Night , Gray Light - It has that Two Halves make One Whole, Not one without the other feel to it {Perfect for # 5 on a top ten list}

#4 Behold the Sun - It sends a powerful message that anyone can hold the universe in their hands

#3 Wo/Man - It gives you a sense of completion, they just fit

#2 Primate in the Rain - This one is so beautiful. it inspires me to pond about this primate

#1 Child in the Wind - This one even more so I can only come up with one word for the caption: POWERFUL. I just can't stop thinking about it.

There you go. If one of you would like to do your own favorite ten photos, let me know and we'll set it up and give you a day.

Up next: not telling.