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Rejected Hyperion X website names

In honor of the relaunch of Hyperion X, I thought I'd do a top ten list about it.

When I started to put all my old X columns up, I naturally picked the name I'd checked it a few weeks earlier and the name was available. Imagine my horror when I suddenly found the name gone! I can only assume one of you sick evil freaks took it first. Why, I ask. Why?????

Anyway, I had to do some real soul searching to come up with a new name. (See the home page for details). Along the way I thought of and rejected quite a few others. Here are the best.


#10 XhyperionX - I thought this would look cool, but in retrospect it just looks dumb.

#9 Hyperion X-rated - Might have gotten me too much unwanted cross-traffic, you know?

#8 HyperionXXX - Even more so.

#7 Hyperion X marks the spot - This one is just lame, unless we're talking that girlfriend of Jerry Seinfeld's. You know the one....

#6 Hyperion Extra Large - Again, I'm thinking I'd get some unwanted cross traffic.

#5 Hyperion Ecstasy - It would probably look more like Hyperion XTC. I'm not into drugs, but on the plus side, it's possible I'd get more donations to Pay-Pal from confused college kids.

#4 Brokeback Hyperion - Ajax keeps trying to take me to see that movie; I wonder why?

#3 Hyperion X-Men 6: Why are we following a cripple? (This will be the last one in the series)

#2 Hyperion Ex-Girlfriend (the truly scary one)

and the number one rejected name...

#1 Hyperion After Dark - Actually, I like this one so much, I grabbed it up. Now if I can just come up with a good idea to fill it.

Up Next: Either a Simpsons list, or underrated songs.