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Latest Female Fashion Trends

Latest Female Fashion Trends: Some Must-Haves!
Jodhpur Pants:
These fashionable pants are completely uber cool in their appeal and have had their share of limelight lately. The unique shape of the trousers makes it more eye-catching as compared to regular fits. Jodhpur pants are wider at the thighs and end up giving a fuller look. Therefore, Jodhpur pants are best left for the slim silhouette; girls with wide hips should avoid these completely. Look for shades of beige and black that blends well for any occasion!
Voluminous Skirts:
I can never get enough of skirts and bet you can’t as well! The good news is flared knee length skirts are back with a vengeance and how! Added layers and gathers are currently very much in vogue. Don a bright skirt for an evening out at the café and watch the swish and swirls cause everyone to turn green with envy! This is also the right time to experiment with tiered skirts.

Cocktail Shorts:
Shorts have always been sexy and sportier in their look,
but cocktail shorts have brought a new touch to the way shorts are worn. Cocktail shorts are fancy and dressy in their overall look and are seen in a myriad of colors to pamper the woman in you. With gathered hems or drawstrings, these are available in exclusive fabrics and can even be worn for a formal event with a pair of stilettos and a smart fitting jacket! Cocktail shorts have sure caught the eye of many celebrities who have shown no qualms in flaunting them for formal dos!
Ruffle It Up!
Who said ruffles are out of fashion? Soft ruffles on tops especially on the neck area have made a comeback of sorts. Go in for sophisticated fabrics that have all the shine and shimmer. This fashion is great for a romantic dinner at your favorite dining place. Ruffles create a feminine look with a touch of sophistication.
Glam Dresses:
Glamorous dresses that have the baby doll look are quite popular as eveningwear. Mid length dresses with layering sometimes combined with leggings of contrasting colors are most sought after! Leave the long flowing gowns for the red carpet affair, knee length dresses with interesting styles and fabrics are preferable due to their comfort factor.
Bling Accessories:
You might love it or hate it, but you certainly can’t ignore it! Bling jewelry looks fabulous when combined with hip-hop attire or regular jeans and tees! Of course, if you are wearing an elaborate neckpiece, wear tiny earrings. The key is to maintain the balance to create an interesting look.
Use these tips for latest female fashion trends and create new looks with the basics mentioned above. This will surely help to keep your wardrobe updated making you look stylish for any occasion!