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Trendy Tunics: Cool and Stylish Women Apparel for Every Body Type

Tunics are trendy, comfy and wonderful piece of women’s clothing that are perfect for almost every occasion and women of every shape. Tunics are amongst the hottest fashion wear and are perfect for every age group and nearly every body type. It is generally a longer top that fit over the hips. For 2010, women’s tunics are available in variety of colors, designs, shapes and prints.
With tunics, options are endless. You can use it as a knee length dress or accentuate the waist by adding a belt. Tunics are best for women of any body shape. For example, for tall and slim woman, knee-length, sleeveless tunic with high neck will be best as it will accentuate her figure. For women with flabby upper arms and heavy top, low-cut tunic with long or capped sleeves will do wonders.
A tunic can be worn in variety of ways. Team a tribal or animal print tunic with neutral pant or skirt for a spicy look, and you are ready to go. Teaming tunic with skinny jeans is also a good idea. For a hot look, go for a printed
tunic with pair of black leggings along with wide belt and flaunt a killing look. For sophisticated look, tunics
with subtle detailing and flowy sleeves are perfect. For summer, teaming tunic with shorts or capris will lead to a cool and comfy look. Tunics can stylishly camouflage weak spots by highlighting greatest assets such as a gorgeous pair of legs.
It is must have item for women of every size. Tunics are best for every occasion like for warm summer evenings, cocktails or garden parties. There are wide varieties of tunic available like
Straight seams, A-line, empire waist or kimono style tunics.
Tunics work for every time of day whether it is daytime wear or evening wear. Just accessorize it with trendy accessories and you are ready to nail the look. It is a must have fashion staple in every woman’s wardrobe owing to its versatility.
Tunics even have some aspects of sporting attire. In fact, the first women’s tennis outfit consisted of a belted tunic which was gradually replaced by either shorts or a short skirt. Tunics are actually comfortable alternative to dresses and pants.
Women’s tunics serve as best alternative when one is in a hurry to get ready and confused about what to wear. Today tunics are available in basic solid color to a more elaborate and varied tunic with embroidered patterns and ruffles. Some even come with built in cloth belt for a stylish look.