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Ladies Fashion – Long Skirts

Long Denim skirt:
Denims, being versatile in nature, when crafted into a sophisticated long skirt can truly boost the way a woman feels, whether at work or with friends. It can be paired with a simple tee on a lazy day or combined with a strappy, layered top for a night out at the disc. A must in every woman’s wardrobe, the length can be played up in various ways. A long denim skirt can be fitted to the ankles mixed with a stretch blend for a hot and sultry look. Or it can be fitting at the hips, flowing down, with a slit at the side to reveal a flash of leg! Throw in some great stilettos and you are ready to melt the hearts of many. One can also find it embellished with embroidery or sequins though the classic, blue, long denim skirt has always been the one most favored.

Gypsy Skirt:

If you think it is time to make a splash in many colors and flowing fabrics…the gypsy skirt is designed for you. Reminiscent of the ’60s and ’70s look, the fashion industry has implemented various ways to transform these gypsy skirts into what we see on the fashion runways today. This boho-chic look can be crinkled and flouncy in three tiers cascading all the way to the feet. Fabrics could range from transparent to layered cotton and can be teamed with short tank tops; peasant tops or embroidered ones for that ethnic touch. Long dangling earrings combined with colorful headgear like bandannas create a cool and casual look for those willing to go a little overboard!
Also known as a wrap-around and derived from the word ‘surong’, this sensuous garment is generally worn by women (sometimes even by men) mainly on pristine, white beaches! Easy to wear, this skirt needs only to be wrapped around and comprises of a single piece of fabric. Generally found in bright, floral batik prints you can find a staggering range in terms of colors, fabrics and prints. The most popular, however, is the traditional tie-n-dye one. Worn especially, throughout Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia, the sarong has found its way from the beaches to the regular evening attire and has also remained to be an ultimate and casual fashion style statement. A simple white top will aid in bringing out the beauty of this long skirt. Tattoos or body piercing can also heighten the effect.