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Newborn Baby Girl Clothing

New parents, the sheer variety of baby clothing that’s available can feel a little overwhelming. But, while it may be tempting to just buy 8 onesies and call it a day, there are actually some good reasons for purchasing different types of newborn baby girl clothes. Just as with adults’ clothing, different baby outfits serve different purposes. Garments such as rompers and onesies are a great all-around choice for small infants because they’re comfortable for the baby and easy to clean for the parent.
That said, there are times when you’ll want to dress baby up. For most occasions, a baby girl will be comfortable in tights and a jumper or dress. This still allows for easy cleaning, but also permits the little one freedom to move her limbs without restriction. (This can be very important if you’re away from home, as some babies become restless if they feel restricted.)
Likewise, it’s a good idea to buy two or three nightgowns or sleepsuits. Lightweight cotton sleepsuits or nightgowns are the best option, because they are warm and absorbent. However, check to make sure
that the fabric is fire-retardant. And as we discussed in our first installment, you should try to avoid too many frilly details like ribbons, lace and large buttons. Not only can these be uncomfortable, but in some cases they may even pose a safety hazard.

We hope these tips on buying newborn baby girl clothes have been helpful. Check back soon for our final installment – and for lots more tips!
Convenience may also be a factor. It may be easy to overlook these attributes when you’re holding an adorable dress for your newborn baby, but you should consider your purchase as critically as you would, were you buying yourself a dress.
Start by looking at the fabric content. It is easy to care for? Does the garment care tag specifically say that the garment can be machine-washed and dried? Although you may not mind having to dry-clean a baptism dress, you’ll want to be sure that your baby’s everyday clothes will be as easy to care for as your own sweats and jeans. Remember that you’ll be washing them often.
When considering the fabric, also consider how it will feel to the baby. Cotton is usually favored for newborn baby girl clothes because it’s soft against the skin, and because it’s breathable. Although some synthetic materials may also be soft, they don’t wick moisture off the skin, as cotton does. This can trap sweat or water against the skin, which can cause chafing, rashes, and other skin irritations.