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Kooey Swimwear Australia

kooey Swimwear Australia
kooey Swimwear Australia
You’ll feel glamorous and sophisticated wearing a beautiful piece of Australian Indigenous floral art.
“The Kooey brand is all about Australian Art and my love of vibrant, colourful flowers. For me, the art and the flowers must go together”, says designer Joanne Pellew.

Joanne’s swimwear career started in Broome four years ago near Australia’s beach Mecca, Cable Beach in Broome Western Australia. After initially designing and making swimwear for her daughter, Joanne started receiving orders from tourists and locals throughout the Broome region. Before long Joanne realised she was the owner of a swimwear business and sales were blossoming.
Joanne’s print designs are gorgeous and exclusive to Kooey. It’s obvious she draws her inspiration from her Indigenous heritage. Never before has the swimwear world been blessed with such a uniquely Australian, Indigenous and floral flavour.
The colours are fresh. The blend of flowers with Indigenous art is subtle. Simply stunning