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12 Natural Ways for Weight Loss - Loss Weight without Any Side Effect

To lose weight quickly and easily is the dream of many obese or overweight people. Apart from the medical aspect which links obesity with several diseases weight loss greatly enhances the self confidence and self esteem of an individual. Most people lack sufficient time or motivation for strenuous exercises and rigid diets. So below are some easy and natural weight loss methods which are also healthy at the same time:

1. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Water is necessary for the metabolism of your stored fat. Weight loss cannot occur without an active metabolism. Drink a large glass of ice water just before meals which will cause your stomach to shrink a bit.

2. Chew your meals properly. Your stomach, mouth and brain are connected together and it takes 20 minutes of chewing before your stomach signals your brain that you are full.

3. Green tea has proven to play a vital role in weight reduction. Green tea helps boost your metabolism rate which results in effective weight loss.

4. Another way to increase your metabolism by almost 40% is by using hot and spicy foods such as hot peppers, chilies and mustards. Research shows these foods all increase your metabolism. The result is weight loss.

5. Reduce your intake of caffeine. Caffeine leads to an increase of insulin in your body which stops the burning of your stored fat... Reduce your caffeine intake by 50% and see how easily you lose weight.

6. Increase your intake of foods rich in fiber. These foods will help fill your stomach up faster and will help them pass through your digestive system more easily.

7. Never skip a meal. Your first meal is the most important meal of all. You should have it as soon as you wake up. When you skip meals during the day, your metabolism also slows down. If you feel hungry, your metabolism slows down.

8. No pain, No gain. Exercise is the most important key to increasing your metabolism and burning off excess fat. You burn fatter when you do exercises on an empty stomach than on a full stomach. Also you burn more stored fat when you exercise late in the day rather than in the morning. Thirty minutes of regular exercises, will not only burn off stored fat but it increases your metabolism.

9. Start a sugar free diet. Sugar is extremely high in calories and it also has other negative implications for health. Switching to alternative foods with no sugar will help you lose weight at a much faster rate. Eliminate processed and simple sugars from your diet.

10. Avoid Soft and fizzy drinks. Replace with water as much as possible.

11. Much of our diet today contains processed foods. Unfortunately, processed foods contain chemicals and other ingredients that can weigh us down. Examples are refined sugars and foods heavy in sodium and preservatives.

12. Negative emotions also interfere with your weight loss program. Overeating is often accompanied with negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, fear, guilt and anger. Begin a stress management program including some exercise and relaxation exercise