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Wedding Reception Decorations

Wedding decorations help set the mood for your special day, whether you are planning a large formal wedding or a smaller gathering, these decorations make your event memorable and magical.
Home décor plays an important role in making your wedding special. For a home décor, wedding you have to choose from certain factors such, as your wedding colours, the time of year you’re getting married, and your personal sense of style.
Although live floral arrangements are more common for home decor, dried flowers and silk flowers are becoming more popular in wedding reception. Similarly, balloon bouquets provide an affordable, yet contemporary look in home décor, wedding receptions. Scatter some glitter or confetti around the base for added sparkle.
Candles make your event magical and special and also set the home décor base. Tiny votives are fine for a short wedding reception, but music, dance that lasts all night will probably require taller pillar candles and preferably electric lights.

If your wedding reception location at home doesn’t allow candles due to concerns about open flames, use strands of white lights to achieve a similar effect for home decor. Ribbon bows are also a must part of home décor. They are available in many different colours and styles, ribbon bows add romance to your wedding reception décor.
For home décor, Use mirrored trays which add ambience and help make small center-pieces seem larger. Wedding decorations are incomplete without ice sculptures: Although they can be pricey, ice sculptures can be elegant and sophisticated additions to a more formal wedding reception.
Use a digital camera to take photos of the wedding reception site before you go shopping for decorations. The photos will help refresh your memory and serve as a helpful visual aid for formal wedding reception, home decor.