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Give Beautiful Shape To Your Eyebrows

Men’s eyebrows should be -slightly thick and heavier in shape and the centre should be absolutely clean while for women the eyebrows should be of medium thickness and the -shape must be very well defined.

Normally eyebrow are shaped at a 45 degree angle. The eyebrow -Shaping can be done in- different styles:

Sweeping Shape
This shape generally -suits all faces and gives a scope for different types of eye make-up. A sweeping shape
in eyebrows helps to create an illusion of large and open eyes, balance a wide mouth and large -nose and provide width to a long and triangular -face.
Angular eyebrows-portray elegant and stern looks. A chubby, round face can be made more interesting by making -angular eyebrows.
Round Shape
Round eyebrows -look very good on the faces that have big eyes and a large forehead. The eyebrows are shaped along -the frontal bone and follow the -shape of the eye. Since it is natural flow of the eyebrow it gives an innocent- look to the face.

Special Considerations while eyebrow shaping.

Tip for eyebrow shaping

Close-set eyes
Close-set eyes on an individual’s face can be made to look -apart by widening the centre distance of the eyebrows- and increasing length at the ends.
Wide-set eyes
Wide-set eyes can be made -to appear closer by shaping the eyebrow lines slightly from the inner corner of the eyes. You should study the characteristics of your face and determine the most -suitable shape for the eyebrows.

Preparation For Eyebrow Shaping tip

  1. Tie your hair carefully with a head-band so that they don’t fall on the forehead or eyebrows- during the shaping procedure.
  2. Place a medium size towel under your chin to -protect your clothes.
  3. Clean your forehead and -eyebrow area with cleansing milk or lotion to remove make up.
  4. Apply talcum powder to remove greasiness- from the brows and buff the skin.
  5. Brush eyebrows- to check the pattern of hair growth.

Eyebrow Shaping Procedure

There are three different shaping methods for eyebrows:

How To Pluck Your Eyebrows

Plucking Eyebrows is an- art to achieve beautiful eyebrows. It starts with a good tweezers and an idea of what brow shape fits your face. Eyebrow plucking is an art. There is skill, patience and –creativity involved. You’ll need good vision, the perfect -tools and a sense of symmetry. These are some tips for Plucking -Eyebrows.
  1. Look at your -eyebrows in a mirror.
  2. Each hair is grasped individually- between the tweezers blades -and pulled quickly and -surely in the direction of the- hair growth.
  3. Thick brows can seem- unmanageable and it’s best to pluck the -stray hairs under the brow- first.
  4. The area must be -stretched tight with first finger and thumb -of the left hand to avoid- pinching the skin.
  5. Lower area of the eyebrow -should be tweezed first, then the centre and lastly, the top of -the eyebrow.
  6. After plucking a few hairs, always stop to look at what -you have done. You may be over-plucking and- you might not even realize it. Stopping to access your plucking progress will help measure your -results and prevent over-plucking.
  7. When plucking is- completed, recheck the shape of the –eyebrows.
  8. Apply astringent lotion to -soothe the skin. If your skin is dry, cream may be -applied.
  9. Electrical tweezers should not be used for shaping eyebrows as they can be- harmful.
  10. Don’t pluck after you’ve applied lotion to your face. The skin and the brow- will be very porous and a slick brow does not make -for controlled tweezing.

Eyebrows Threading:Eyebrows Salon Threading Techniques

What is Eyebrow threading ?
Eyebrow threading is a Chinese -technique. The eyelid is stretched to make the hair removal easy. Hold one end of the -thread in the mouth, form a loop with the right hand and hold the long end of the thread with the left hand. The loop is paced on the hair -and tightened with both hands, thus pulling out hair from the roots. Lower area of the -eyebrow is threaded first then the centre and upper section of the- eyebrows are completed.
After shaping the -eyebrows, wipe off your face with dry cotton to remove superfluous hair fallen on the skin. Apply astringent to -reduce the redness of the skin.
Eyebrow threading

Tips for eyebrow threading

There are no hard and fast -rules about shaping the very fine hair above the eyebrows. It is a personal choice. If you clean the area above your eyebrows- you get an absolutely neat look and if you don’t, your eyebrows will look more natural. Before and after shaping eyebrows, gently massage- the area with an ice cube wrapped in a plastic pouch or bag. This will reduce discomfort and -normalize the skin immediately.

How often do I thread my eyebrows ?

Eyebrows- threading is done in usually every 2-3 weeks.

Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

  • Eyebrow threading is the best method to -shape your eyebrows in compraise to other methods.
  • Eyebrow threading is less expensive- method in compare to other methods.
  • Eyebrow threading is highly -recommended and an excellent option for those who use Retin-A, Accutane, an d similar products.
  • Eyebrow threading is a traditional way of removing eyebrow hair without the pain of using tweezers.

Application of Eyebrows makeup

After shaping eyebrows, brush them in the desired -shape and use an eyebrow pencil wherever it is necessary. An eyebrow pencil has the- following uses:
  1. Eyebrow pencils -helps to define the exact shape of eyebrows in general.
  2. Where there is no -or scanty hair growth, then strokes with an eyebrow pencil.
  3. Accentuates eyebrows -by giving them a defined look.
  4. Helps in giving a longer appearance to small and- short eyebrows.
  5. If the eyebrow arch is very high fill the lower area with eyebrow pencil strokes and- remove a few hair from the upper section of- the brow.
  6. When the arch is low, hair should be removed -from under the eyebrows and the upper area should be outlined with the eyebrow pencil.
  7. An eyebrow brush is used- to soften eyebrow pencil lines to make them appear, natural gaps can be filled in- with hair like sweeping.
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