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Earn Solid Cash Money by File Uploading & File Sharing – Woohoo!!!

All these file-sharing website service providers offer good commissions to their members, by following steps:
1) Goto their website and Signup for a FREE Account.
2 ) Once you are signed up and, logged in, then Upload your files onto their website…. (for this you need a good Upload speed 512kbps at least depending on the file size). – the greater file size the more time it will take to upload a file.
3) Now once your file gets uploaded, you will be given a Download Link (share link) which you can Share with your Friends, on your own website OR on Public Forums (with high traffic) e.g.
Or search for more public forums via Google Search where you can post your Download Links.

4) Now suppose, your Files start to get Downloaded by users, you will automatically start get paid for every 1000 Downloads (yes 1000 seems HUGE but this is not, when you throw your links on a Public Forum) where you can even get 100,000 Downloads in a month. Lets say you get paid $10 / 1000 Downloads. Which i think is great….
Here are few good and reliable File Hosts for good earning purpose:

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