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When Katrina got all wet and wild

Katrina Kaif hasn’t had much time for adventure. But as they say, every cat at has nine lives, and so our Kat recently decided to acquire a taste for thrills. She talks to CS:
High on riding

Recently while shooting for a film in Spain, I had fun learning biking. It took me a week. Riding a bike, and that to a Bullet was like a huge challenge for me. But I was riding like a pro after a week’s training. The high of riding a fast bike is something else altogether. I now plan to buy a bike for myself and take it for a spin in and around Mumbai.
Danger underwater
I underwent training for scuba diving under Jasmine Karachiwala at Otters club in Bandra for my new film. I have done some basic scuba diving courses in Mauritius but I am not a certified diver.
Frankly, I am scared of ocean as its dark and mysterious. But since I play the role of a diving instructor in the film, I needed some preparation. So, I did train for week in a swimming pool. Till then it was all fine.

But three months later I was at the end of this huge ship stationed right in the middle of the ocean and I was asked to jump into the water. I almost had a heart attack, but I gathered all the courage possible and jumped in.
I enjoyed the experience but it was only later did I learn that I had a huge fish over my head while I was inside the water. It was fun but I don’t think I will try it again.