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Best of 1991 (from Koz)

Koz's Top 12 Hits of 1991

Back in 1991 I was a different person and my top 10 list would have been very different, plus some songs just don't stand the test of time. If I had done a top 10 list back then it would probably have included songs like these I Wanna Sex You Up (Color Me Badd), The Kissing Game (Hi-Five), Good Vibrations (Marky Mark), Round and Round (Tevin Campbell). Here is my current list (sorry I couldn't narrow it to 10):

12 Love of a Lifetime – Firehouse; I liked this song back then but lately I've been having nostalgic feelings for hair bands

11 Sensitivity - Ralph Tresvant; This dude can sing plus I like "Ralph's Rap" in the middle of the song

10 Signs – Tesla; Hair Band

9 Crazy – Seal; I don't remember Seal being popular in 91 but this is a great song

8 I'll give all my love to you - Keith Sweat; He's from the ATL, I am required to like his stuff

7 Tom’s Diner - DMA feat. Suzanne Vega; Didn't everyone like this song? It sucked to hear it early in the day because you'd be humming it all day long - da,da,da,da - da,da,da,da

6 Something to Believe In – Poison; Hair Band

5 Place in the World - Michael W. Smith; I grew to hate this song because they played it so much back then. I have a new found appreciation for one of the 1st Christian Contemporary artists to break into the mainstream.

4 Summertime - the artist formerly known as The Fresh Prince; I'm sure Hyperion will agree - this is possibly Will Smith's best song ever [Hyperion’s note: that’s a tough one. I smell a top ten list coming on]

3 Unbelievable – EMF; This song could be a hit if released today

2 Right Here, Right Now - Jesus Jones; As Hyp mentioned before I loved Jesus Jones

1 Losing My Religion – REM; One of the greatest bands of all time (until recently) with a song off of one of their best albums. Although, Shiny Happy People was also released this year and it occupies the bottom spot in my list.

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