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Inanimate Objects

I got to talking with friends the other day and came up with the idea of Inanimate Objects in movies. The kind that add to the film, so much so that they might be another character. I excluded weapons and vehicles (maybe we can do a side list on that another day), and focused on what had added immeasurably to a film. This is what I came up with.

#10 The Mask from Michael Myers – This one eclipses Jason’s mask and the Scream mask, in my opinion, and just frightens. I read it was actually a William Shatner mask turned inside out and spray-painted, which explains everything.

#9 The Plastic Bag in AMERICAN BEAUTY – It swirled in front of a brick wall, and it stole our hearts. (Note: Koz and I combined couldn’t find the plastic bag, so we’re showing that instead.)

#8 The One Ring from LOTR – One ring to rule them all, one ring to seal them up, one ring to destroy them, and in the darkness feel them up. Or something like that; that ring had spunk, baby.

#7 The Feather From FORREST GUMP – That thing seemed to have a mind of its own, didn’t it? Right now, you’re humming the theme song.

#6 The Poster from SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION – She gave a man hope, and covered the holes in his life. (Snicker snicker.) By the way, those great shadows were an accident, as the bulb broke when the picture was taken.

#5 Morpheus’s sunglasses from THE MATRIX – They gave him this otherworldly cool that allowed Neo to believe in him. And us too.

#4 the Briefcase in PULP FICTION – One of the greatest McGuffins in film history. Everybody wanted. No one would say what was in it. We know it glowed gold. It’s so cool, I can’t even show you the whole case. Now that’s a character. (Note: I’d have considered Jules’s wallet, but obviously couldn’t post the picture.)

#3 the push-up bra from ERIN BROCKOVICH – I’ll make this simple. I don’t like Julia Roberts, and yet I was mesmerized by her performance. Never has a support undergarment helped out someone so much.

#2 The Mask from STAR WARS – What else can be said about this mask? You saw it, you believed. You were scared. He was so badass! The mask never moved, be we felt our eyes on it.

#1 Wilson from CASTAWAY – a no-brainer, and basically the reason I made the list. Wilson probably should have gotten an Oscar nomination (which I guess speaks to how really really good Tom Hanks actually was.) Wilson was not only the best volleyball in history, but his quiet dignity helped Chuck Nolan (and us) get through the ordeal