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My best work was probably in some of the web stuff; the top ten lists, the movie reviews, the Monkey Barns, and of course Fagin. Maybe I should do a top ten list of that stuff. But in the meantime, I looked over what I wrote in just columns this year (excluding Fagin), and picked my ten favorites. Feel free to check out the Hyperion Chronicles Index to see if you disagree.

#10 369. HALLOWEEN REUNION [This wasn't a perfect column, but it still was pretty spooky, and I did one of the stories on an audio clip, so I am proud of that.]

#9 349. DRUNKEN DILEMMAS [I mostly include this one because of how much fun I had writing it, and putting those jackasses in their place.]

#8 361. GALACTIC SLURPEES [I'm still wary when I take walks for that dog]

#7 347. THE QUESTION MATRIX [I'm including this in my pre-nup]

#6 332. MOTTO OÂ’ THE YEAR [I can't believe it's been a whole year. Seems like just yesterday]

#5 368. CHANGING HORSES IN MIDSTREAM [Just thinking about this column makes meJoness for those cookies. Tasie, if you happen to be reading....]

#4 360. BLISTER [In case you were wondering, there really is a Ken McCoy. And he really is a jerk. And if he's reading...ah, who am I kidding? That bastard can't read.]

#3 371. THE RISE OF CHARLIE DROP [You must buy this book. I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have been able to write such a good column without great material.]

#2 336. FIDES EXSEQUOR [When it's all said and done, this trilogy might make me famous some day.]

and the number one column I wrote in 2005.....

#1 352. BOTH BARRELS [Not to be one of those annoying chain letters, but read it again, and then send it to someone. Send it to ten someones. Please. The most important column I ever wrote.]

Up next year: perhaps more retrospective of '05, or maybe we'll look ahead. Or maybe I'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs. You never know here.