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Best of '05 - DRAMAS

2004 saw this return to great Television that we hadn't seen in some time, and if anything, 2005 only strengthened it. Many of last year's new shows continued to flourish, even as some of the usual stalwart faded in glory. (Alias, West Wing; I'm looking in your direction. And what on earth happened to Desperate Housewives?) For the first time in several years, making a top ten list for the year actually required some tough cuts, rather than searching for enough shows to even include! (One other thing before we start; don't you love these "cast" photos that show everyone in costume? It cracks me up to think of people who take television as 100% real looking at these pics and getting all confused. "When did they do that?")

PROBABLY WOULD MAKE THE LIST IF I'D SEEN THEM: The Shield - Every year I've seen this show it makes my top three, but Canada is waging a war to keep quality programming from me. Grrr. Veronica Mars - Everyone I know who's seen this just raves, but I haven't got to it yet. Soon. Rome - I started watching Rome, and enjoyed it, but not enough to make the ten best. However, I heard that it gets so much better as it goes on that perhaps had I finished the season I would.

HONORABLE MENTION - Bones - I'm coming to love this show more and more, and the Christmas episode was one of the ten best single episodes on Television this year (now there'd be a good list). Bones is procedural, and Lord knows we don't' need more of them, but with emphasis on humor and characterization more, I've come to love it. Bones is moving from the brutal Tuesday time slot to the curiously empty Wednesday slot (8:00 eastern), so give it a gander.

#10 Prison Break - Though about as plausible as the idea that Nora Roberts writes ALL those books, Prison Break is still a lot of fun. When it comes back in March I can't wait to see what happens.

#9 Without a Trace - I've had to give up a lot of TV to get my work done, and sadly this show gets missed a bit, but whenever I catch it it's still as good as ever.

#8 C.S.I. - They can't keep up the quality forever, but right now there's no immediate end in sight. I like how they occasionally do "different" episodes that feature only one character or a different point of view to keep it fresh. And I'm still buzzing about the Tarantino finale last May; arguably the best single episode of TV this year.

#7 Grey's Anatomy - When it first premiered I wasn't all that keen, finding the plots too formulaic and the narrating kind of annoying. However, this show has really grown on me. The acting is superb and the humor and heartbreak mixed well. Grey's is as "shipper," so all those people who love to see their favorite characters get it on, this is for you.

Whoops! I mean

#6 Battlestar Galactica - It's dark as all get out, but so powerful and moving. I never saw the original (and I heard quite cheesy) BSG, but this one is great in my opinion. Watch the miniseries that started it all and see if you don't agree.

#5 Rescue Me - Tommy Gavin continues his climb into the pantheon of all-time tortured leading men. The look on his face at the hospital toward the end of the second season said everything to me. This seasons are only 13 episodes, so an absolute MUST rental of Season 1 and 2 before the new one comes in. Seriously: get on board!

#4 House - I love every actor on this show, but Hugh Laurie owns me. His brutal suffering and piercing intelligence and sarcasm get me every time. My dad doesn't seem to like him, preferring the vastly inferior Commander in Chief, but my dad can't be right about about everything. House is the man.

#3 24 - Was Season 4 the best yet or what? They've finally gotten their act together and plotted the Season fully rather than just write until they get board and go another way. Now the story is right there with the action and acting. I am so stoked to see Chloe again!

#2 Deadwood - I reviewed Deadwood over on MovieHype, so check that out for more info. Not much more to say other than what a treasure of a television show. I have no idea where Season 3 is going, but I can't wait to find out.

#1 LOST - My list includes an incredible six sophomore shows, but in my opinion, this is the best of them. LOST combines the adventure of being stranded in the plane crash, the mystery and intrigue that is the island and its other inhabitants with the strong characterization in the flashbacks. It's almost a perfect show. That at times Lost moves agonizingly slow, I don't care. I love each and every mystery I uncover. I can't wait to see what's coming next. I hurt along with my favorite characters, and shake my fist in rage as those who annoy me. For the second straight year, Lost is best of the best, which is saying quite a bit.

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