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Readers Share Their Festivus Lists

I thought I'd do something special for the Festivus season and ask different people about their favorite gifts. I was all set to go but then my first person bailed on me like a hater. Thankfully, Scapedragon stepped in so Dominique wouldn't be alone.

The question was: What are the five best gifts you've ever received, and what five gift would you like to get, if money, reality, and the time-space continuum were no object.

This is what Dominique had to say:


5. Dozen white roses - my b/f was out of country - remotely located but internet access - and he sent me a dozen white roses (my favorite) w/ a wonderful note (le coeur a sa raison que la raison ne peut pas comprendre)

4. Tickets to the Shirley and Lambchop show at Heinz Hall – I went w/ my Mom and Grams – even got a stuffed Lambchop puppet – it was great!

3. Red wagon - I'm not sure if my Sis got this or I did or we both did - but she'd take me around in it - ok, she was using my cuteness to exploit the neighbors and fund raise for Camp Fire or some such - but we had loads of fun with that wagon - although they manufacturers should consider putting in breaks so one does not have to wear our her shoes when going down hill.

2. Hand made doll - my mom had a baby doll made for me that looked similar to me - freckles - light auburn hair - brown eyes - she was soft and sweet and adorable

1. Doll House - my mom and aunt spent time "putting it together" before I was allowed to play with it - but once I got a go at it - I loved that house - I still have it - hoping to get to pass it on one day.


5. A house in a woody area by a lake - but not too far from Target and the movies

4. Classic ‘Stang (and the insurance paid too)

3. OFI trip to visit the orangutans (I'd say an orangutan, but that's not fair to take one out of it's habitat like that - so just a visit)

2. Trip to Stratford Canada for the Shakespeare festival and great seats to all the shows and all the chocolate monkeys I can drink

1. Hogwarts! (I'd like the castle but a trip there would be fine - and yes there is a place I've read about that is doing a 2006 trip package there - hint hint)

This is what ScapeDragon had to say:


5. A cameo ring.

4. A wrap that my mother knitted for me.

3. A KitchenAid mixer - My mother got tired of watching me fondle the mixers every time I took her shopping at Sears.

2. A toy tea set with real ceramic cups, saucers and teapot. My cousins and I loved playing tea party. We felt so grown up using real dishes.

1. A Porcelain doll with long curly blonde hair. She had blue eyes with long dark lashes that open and closed and pink lips shaped into a pout so she looked like she was about to cry. She had on a pink and white ruffled pinafore with white socks and white buckled shoes. I had never seen a porcelain doll before and I thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world. I wish I could remember what happened to her. I loved that doll.


5. A hand crafted venetian mask designed just for me by Guerrino Lovato.

4. La Scapigliata by Leonardo da Vinci.

3. The Red Violin (and possibly Samuel Jackson, with whom I fell in love with watching this movie) and lessons from a master violinist.

2. An epic love poem written for me.

1. A trip around the world with my sweetheart (tba).

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