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watchable movies (part 1)

To try something different, I asked several readers and frequent Hyperion Institute contributors to compile their own top ten list. They were told to pick any movies they wanted, but try to stay away from just listing super popular films or critical darlings. (I mean, everyone loves those.) Bottom line: you have to watch these ten movies every week for the rest of your life. Could you do it?

The first to answer my clarion call were Dominique and Koz. I thought I would present theirs together, as a sort of compare/contrast. The next couple of days we will have a few others. If you felt left out and would like a chance to opine (on this topic or others), let me know and I’ll see what I can do.



#10 HARRY POTTER - any one of them – all of them – I cannot get enough of it

#9 HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN TEN DAYS – we either have or know someone who has done at least of these things if not more (likely more)

#8 CHARLIE CHAN – poor #2 son

#7 THE THIN MAN – a classic tale of mystery – classic (love all of them) – W. Powell & M. Loy

#6 VICTOR/VICTORIA – a woman pretending to be a man, pretending to be a woman – music – and the mafia – good stuff

#5 WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING – my fav romance – I could watch it ALL

#4 XXX – things being blown up – Vin D – and a just cause – heck yeah!

#3 THE ITALIAN JOBVenice – thievery – hot guys – wit - & cars – I’m happy

#2 YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN – “Putting on the Ritz” – Abby Normal – oh heck yeah!

And Dominique’s #1 movie she could watch forever….

#1 HOPSCOTCH – W. Matthau – a seasoned agent writing a tell all novel – taunting the CIA – and always 1 step ahead – smart & stylish flick with international intrigue and cat & mouse comedy (if you’ve not seen it – you must)

And now for Koz

#10 THE GREAT ESCAPE – 2 words: Steve McQueen

#9 GREASE – I hate to admit to this one but the music is what draws me in.

#8 IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE – I watch this at least once a year – at Halloween

#7 OCEAN’S ELEVEN – There are so many good actors in this movie it could have only been better if Tom Cruise had been in it

#6 LIFE OF BRIAN – 3 Words – Wolf’s Nipple Chips

#5 DEAD POET’S SOCIETY – I mean there are restaurants that got their name from this movie.

#4 THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION – Before Tim Robbins became a political activist he was actually a decent actor. There are too many good actors in this movie and it has a great script.

#3 THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK – Who’s your Daddy?

#2 FULL METAL JACKET – Caveat – I can only watch the first half of this movie over and over. My dad was in the Marines and says the boot camp part is pretty realistic. As a bonus there are too many memorable lines.

And Koz’s number one movie he could watch forever….

#1 DAZED AND CONFUSED – Alright, Alright, Alright

Up next: Ajax and Harriet get their say