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Watchable Movies (Part 2)

We continue to look at Readers’ most watchable movies. Today we have Ajax and Harriet, and you’ll notice I didn’t bother to reformat the list and put links, mostly because I’m very tired, you can look them up yourself, and other grumbly reasons.

Age before beauty, so we’ll let Ajax go first:

1. SLC Punk- Matthew Lillard as a blue-haired anti-Shaggy. Life for punk-music lovers in Salt Lake City during the height of the Regan Years.

2. Top Of The Food Chain- Ultra-megacampy horror comedy where carnivorous aliens are ultimately stopped by the power of television.

3. Star Wars, A New Hope- Of course, if you're not watching the version where Mr. Solo clearly shoots Greedo under the table in cold blood, you're wasting your time.

4. Cyrano de Bergerac- Finally, a movie with a hero with enough flaws to actually be interesting. And he's French. What are the odds?

5. Goodfellas- A genuine gangster movie without the overwhelming Ford-Coppola epic feel. What? You think that's funny? Funny how?

6. The Blood Of Heroes- A quirky post-apocalyptic film about when an innocent, harmless little game a bit like Austrailian rules football (without referees. and melee weapons.) goes horribly wrong. With dog skulls.

7. Equilibrium- Watching a society come off it's legislated mood stabilizers is some fun. And when the gun-fu dojo opens in my neighborhood, I'm totally there.

8. Boondock Saints- Irish polylingual vigilantes in Boston. With Billy Connolly. And Willem Dafoe more in touch with his feminine side than you'll ever want to see.

9. Constantine- Nothing breathtakingly new or earth shattering here: God vs. Devil for the souls of mankind, but Peter Stormare as the Devil... Better than you'd expect from the guy who played the crazy Russian in Armageddon.

10. Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead- Christopher Lloyd, Christopher Walken, Steve Buschemi, and Treat Williams as Critical Bill. Easy-heist goes bad movie, and when I say bad, I mean Buckwheat bad.

And now Harriet.

1. My absolute, all time, if I could only have one movie in my collection favorite: A Few Good Men. Well written, well cast, well acted, and who can argue with that many big names in the same film?

2. My second absolute, if I could only have two movies in my collection favorite: Gone in 60 Seconds. Beautiful cars, cool music and man that guy can drive! J

3. X-men (the first one). I like the characters Rogue and Logan, I like the twist on the idea of good vs evil, where it is harder to define which is which. I really like Patrick Stewart in movies and the friendship between his character and Magnito is sentimental. A good movie.

4. Ok, time to pull out the girl movies. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Although this is a sappy, predictable movie in a lot of ways, I think it handles the subject creatively, has some really funny moments, it has Matthew McConaughey and the total reason I watch this movie is for the great Keith Urban song and the accompanying love scene- it gets me every time!

5. Romancing the Stone –classic love story, plus it is about a writer ( my secret aspiration J)

6. Robin Hood (the Kevin Costner one) this is a sentimental one on several levels

7. Shrek- [ed. Note: Harriet forgot to write something for this one, so I’ll imitate her and say that Shrek looks a lot like her husband]

8. Thing Called Love. This movie stars: Sandra Bullock, River Phoenix, Dermot Mulroney, and cameos by a number of country music stars. I watch it for the music and the dancing!

9. Diggstown. Do you remember this movie? With out seeing it is hard to describe, but basically the underdog really sticks it to the too rich and too sleazy for his own good bad guy and brings retribution where it is needed. Another really good movie

10. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Who doesn’t want to be in on this joy ride, plus the music again. Classic!

Up next: More Readers' movies
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