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Desserts (Part 2: non-frozen)

And now the Top Five non-frozen Desserts. You’ll note that I don’t include cheesecake on this list. That’s because cheesecake is idolatrous food, and only moral degenerates eat it.

#5 FUDGE – I like my fudge dense and gooey, not like a cake. Don’t mind caramel and nuts going through it too. Poorly made fudge is an abomination, but well-made fudge is a gift from the gods. (And I’m planning on getting some real soon.)

#4 CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER PIE (from Denny’s) – Perfection. After a hard day (night) of slaving over a hot table writing columns for you people, nothing hits the spot like a piece of that pie. The secret is the peanut butter makes it not too sweet. The servers like to pour caramel and nuts over it and some that whip cream out of the can. Good times.

#3 S’MORES – Marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, and a campfire. That’s S’mores, baby! I love how it all melts together in a gooey mess, almost too hot to eat. Heaven.

#2 GRAITCH – It’s hard to decide what makes Graitch so wonderful. Is it the ginger ale, which makes the jello fizz in your mouth like pop rocks? Is it the complimentary fruit, almost tart after the sweetness of the grape and peach? Or is it all the hard work that went into making the Graitch, that makes it all the tastier? Who knows? All I know is that Graitch rules. (To learn how to make Graitch, click here.)

and the number one non-frozen treat…

#1 Butterscotch Cake – If you know me, you know I’m not a cake person. There are many reasons for this (see the famous “Darth Vader” birthday party), but one of them is that cake is always so dry. Not so with butterscotch cake that my mom makes. The cakes not only has butterscotch and chocolate chips throughout, but the center is a butterscotch pudding. That makes the cakes moist, chewy, dense and extra wonderful. It’s the only cake I’ll eat and just about the best thing my mother makes; and that’s saying something.

Up next: Not sure. Batting around a couple of ideas with Laureate. Tune in tomorrow to see for sure.