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Harriet's Homerisms

I’ve been working on a bunch of Simpsons Quote Lists, such as Religious quotes, Homer vs. Lisa, Homer vs. Marge, Homer vs. his own brain, etc. You can’t imagine how long it’s taking to go through all the relevant quotes, not to mention ranking the list in any semblance of order. In the meantime, longtime friend (and recent foe) to the Hyperion Nation, Harriet, has written in with her top ten Homer quotes. Since she was the only one who took pity on me and tried to help, I’m running her list even though the two of us have an ongoing feud (who would win in a fight between a mongoose and a Tasmanian devil). So thanks Harriet, and I liked your hair.


Some memorable quotes may be more famous, “Ask not what your country can do for you…”; and some memorable quotes may have been around longer,” I cannot tell a lie”; but who, I ask you is more quotable than Homer? (Simpson, of course). Here are my top ten most quotable Homerisms:

10: “Stupid___________!” ( you can fill in the blank. In almost every episode Homer is confounded by something or someone for which his only response is to call them stupid) [Hyperion’s note: one of my favorite instances of this is when Homer gets a house under the sea, and when some fish steal his lawn furniture Homer says, “Stupid Flounders!”]

9: “Marjorie, please” ( In his most superior and condescending tone, right before her untaken advice turns out to have been correct)

8: “That would be some kind of miracle animal!” ( said to Lisa when she informed him that ham, pork chops, and bacon all come from the same animal)

7: “The mail! The mail is here!” (My husband has this as his email alert at work)

6: In one episode Homer has a near death experience and a lengthy discussion

with God ensues. At the end, Homer asks God, “What is the meaning of life?” God tells Homer he will have to wait till he dies and Homer complains about having to wait. God asks, “you can’t wait six months?” and Homer says, ”no, tell me now.”

5: “Saxamaphone”

4: “Food goes in here”

3: That gurgling sound Homer makes when thinking of food, “uhglglngh…”

2: “I am so smart! I am so smart. S-M-R-T….I mean S-M-A-R-T.” ( sung by Homer congratulating himself on being so smart)

Oops, I miscounted

2: “Ooooo!” (an exclamation of delight)

And, ( drum roll) the number one most quotable Homerism:

1: “Doh!”

Up Next: Homer and Lisa quotes