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Simpsons Week Begins!

Simpsons week was supposed to start last Monday, but only one person had turned in a Top Ten List. By now only one more person did (and I had to threaten to marry his twin sisters to get him to do that), but I don’t care. I can’t wait any longer: Simpsons week starts now!

It may actually take longer than a week, as I have all sorts of cool Top Ten Lists planned, including more Simpsons quotes than you can shake a drinking bird at. If you’re interested in participating drop me a line. I just might let you make a list too.

Anyway, we start off with Eisley, the very first one to get back to me. Only two of his ten would make my list, but reading over it I smiled at every one.

10. Homer Versus God - "No Offense Apu, but when they were handing out religions, you must've been in the back taking a whiz." Such a great classic episode

9. Bart's Gang goes to the World's Fair - Two of the classic Nelson lines. "Yeah, but on the plus side, I knocked over the Sun Sphere." and "Wow, you didn't think he'd play Moon River, then BAM! Triple Encore!!!"

8. Springfield's Film Festival - A great cameo for Jay Sherman, the critic. A lot of great, funny lines. "Well, Barney's movie was deep and moving, but football in the groin had a football in the groin" and "I was saying boo-urns."

7. Homer
In Space - "Alright! the two greatest words in the English language, De Fault De Fault De Fault!" and of course "In Rod we Trust."

6. All of the Tree House of Horror Episodes - Just because they are incredibly awesome and a great break away from everyday Simpsons.

5. Duncan the Diving Horse - Because it's comic book guy's real turn to shine. "Worst Episode Ever" T-shirts should be available everywhere

4. Who Shot Mr. Burns Part 1 and 2 - I mean really, who saw it coming? And be honest people.

3. Homer Goes to College - “I don't understand how the meltdown happened. There was no nuclear material in that van."

2. Dr. Homer's Spine-O-Cylinder - "Patent pending!"


1. Homer meet his brother - "Oh my God, It's drinking the water!"

Next Up: more Simpsons. Yay!