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Desserts (Part 1: Frozen)

Back From Vacation!!!

I thought I’d start with frozen desserts. This is a tough one and I don’t claim to have gotten every single great treat, but as my back hurts I had to do this quickly, and I stand by these five

#5 MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP DRUMSTICK – Who doesn’t like eating an ice cream cone? It’s a treat, and this is the best version. First you get mint chocolate chip ice cream, on a sugar cone coated in chocolate. There is also a chocolate coating over the ice cream, and to top it off (or bottom it off, as the case may be), inside the cone is a core of pure chocolate. Carlos and I used to get these every single day at Pizza Hut, and they were sinfully delicious.

#4 BLIZZARD – Back in the day these used to be very special, and still can be if done right. (Remember when Blizzards first came out, and after they made them the guy would hang the Blizzard upside down so you could see how frozen it was? I miss that.) My personal favorite was probably chocolate covered cherries, but I wasn’t against mixing, say Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup and Chocolate Banana. Mmmmm.

#3 CHIPWICH – Think about it: you’ve just filled up with gas, and you’re inside to pay for it, but you need something for the road. Obviously beef jerky is the best choice, but what if you need a frozen treat? A Chipwich just hits the spot. Two huge chocolate chip cookies with ice-cream in the middle, all covered in sweet chocolate chips? The gods themselves do tremble.

#2 POPSICLES – Perhaps the greatest invention America has ever given us. Popsicles fill a void in our lives that family and religion just can’t fill. Everyone agrees that Grape is the best flavor, but I’m also partial to blue raspberry, root beer, and even banana popsicles. Mighty good eatin’.

And the Number One Frozen Treat…

#1 HOMEMADE ICE CREAM – I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout those sissy electric ice cream makers that are so popular now (thank you very much, Food Network!); what I mean is the old-fashioned, crank-it-yourself until your arms feel all rubbery ice cream. No eggs in this baby. (Next time you buy ice cream take a look at the ingredients; eggs! That’s custard!!!!! But I digress.) One of my best memories growing up would be packing the rock salt and ice around the outside of the inner canister, and Mom would fill that bad boy up with the ingredients; milk, sugar, and maybe peaces, fresh strawberries, chocolate; you name it. All the hard work cranking that thing would make it taste extra good. (Of course as kids my dad had to do it, and we nearly had heart attacks in excitement waiting.) There’s absolutely nothing quite like it.

Up next: non-frozen treats