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Hot Old Chicks 3 (40+)

Continued from the previous two days....

The forty-somethings are the toughest yet. Again, I’ve broken the decade down into two categories.


#5 Patricia Heaton (47) – How is it possible that she’s 47? Every single year of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND she got better looking. At this rate Patricia will be a supermodel by 60.

#4 Dana Delany (49) - Those eyes…they just sparkle. And she’s into leather, if you know what I mean..

#3 Mimi Rogers (49) – For my money, the best girl Tom Cruise ever hooked up with (first wife). Mimi just has this self-possession about her that a younger woman can’t touch.

#2 Holly Hunter (47) – Anyone who still gets naked at this age deserves our love. And the girl can act. Holly Hunter is the TOTAL package. I wish she’d teach me piano lessons.

And the number one woman age 45-49….

#1 Sela Ward (49) – The thing about Seal Ward isn’t how hot she is (she is), but how she owns her sexuality. There’s a confidence about her that is just magnetic. She doesn’t seem to be afraid to be a woman, and to respond to those around her. Flat out looks or body a younger girl might have her beat, but is there anyone in the 20-30 set with this much sex appeal?

[Honorable Mention: Angela Bassett, Katie Couric, Geena Davis]


#5 Demi Moore (43) – I’m not the world’s biggest fans, but facts are facts. This girl is a hard-body on par with a 23 year old. I cannot figure out how she does it.

#4 Mariska Hargitay (42) – I swear this woman is getting younger. When I first saw SVU I wasn’t a big fan of hers, but she keeps getting prettier and her hair….sigh. I love her toughness and concealed sexiness. She can frisk me any time.

#3 Julianne Moore (43) – First of all, Julianne gets naked in almost every movie. I read in an interview she feels that it’s the most honest an actor can be on camera. Works for me. Second, this girl is in shape. More cerebrally, Julianne is always in control and powerful, which makes her very sexy.

#2 Teri Hatcher (40), Marcia Cross (43) – I’ll admit Hatcher is better looking and obviously has that killer body, but Cross ties her on the list because she is so freaking sexy. I watch DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, and even though Eva Longoria is hot and all, it’s these two how pique my interest.

And the number one hottest woman on the planet over 40…..

#1 Diane Lane (40) – See the movie UNFAITHFUL and you my friend will understand. Just like Sela Ward, it’s not as if she’s the prettiest woman on the list, but her sex appeal, the way she is a woman and doesn’t EVER let you forget, this is what makes Diane Lane top the list. Whenever she looks at the camera, it’s like she’s begging me to pull her hair and….sigh. Maybe one day.

[Honorable Mention: Melissa Gilbert, Gina Gershon, Vanessa Williams, Sandra Bullock]

Hope you enjoyed. It’s been suggested I do the same thing for men. I’m not adverse to this, but the research into these women’s ages and so forth took several hours. Not sure I want to do that for men, but if someone else wants to spearhead the leg-work, I’m game. In the meantime….

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