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Hot Old Chicks 2 (50+)

Continued from yesterday....

There were a lot more hot 50+ chicks than I thought, so I split the decade in two.


#5 Bette Midler (59) – I’m not what you call a Midler fan (although I do a mean version of the Devil singing “Wind Beneath my Wings”), but facts are facts. At 59, Bette still looks fabulous. How does she do it? By being friends with gay people. You think about that, all you haters.

#4 Phylicia Rashad (57) and Meredith Baxter (58) – I admit; I’ve always been in love with these two TV Moms (COSBY and FAMILY TIES), but it’s amazing to me how well preserved they are. And still hot! What’s up with that?

#3 Sigourney Weaver (55) – What is up with this girl? She never seems to age? She can still kick alien ass, and then look hot if need be. Truly amazing.

#2 Jessica Lange (56) – So underrated for her hotness, but she keeps getting better and better. She needs to do more sexy movies because boy, is she capable!

And the number one woman 55-59……

#1 Suzanne Sommers (58) – Just a freak of nature. She looks 42, tops and that body? Thank you thigh-master.

[Honorable Mention: Cybill Shepherd, Joan Lunden, Pam Grier]

Now, the other half of the decade


#5 Kim Basinger (51) – She’s not my favorite actress in the world, but I have to admit she’s pretty freaking good looking even now.

#4 Ellen Barkin (51) – Remember SEA OF LOVE? She’s not that hot anymore, but she’s pretty close. Even better: Barkin keeps her sex appeal close to hand. Amazing.

#3 Shohreh Aghdashloo (53) – Some of you may not be aware of this chick from HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG, but maybe it will help out if I mention she was the terrorist mom last season in 24. Shohreh is what you call “classy sexy.” I’d take her over most women half her age any day of the week (and two or three times on Sunday).

#2 Jane Seymour (54) – Any question about Seymour was answered in WEDDING CRASHERS when, at this late age, she goes topless! First of all, she makes the list for just doing it (although thankfully, that didn’t work for Kathy Bates), but Seymour has always been sexy to me. In fact, even though I’m slowly becoming a Rachel McAdams fan, I might have chose the mom instead. But maybe that’s me.

And the number one woman age 50-54……

#1 Rene Russo (51) – I used to not be a big Russo fan. She was pretty and all, but there was something…I don’t know. However, since THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR I’ve been a big fan (and of course her nudity helped my opinion; let that be a lesson to you women: being naked around Hyperion will make him like you more. Write that down). Russo has that great laugh and her eyes sparkle. If you think about it, it’s actually shocking she’s this old. She’s probably make the 40 list.

[Honorable Mention: Mary Steenburgen, Beverly D’Angelo, Jane Pauley]

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