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Movie Beards

Today we look at Movie Beards. This is a potentially HUGE category, and I’ve wasted too much time as it is. Therefore, I don’t claim to have the exhaustive list, but I think it’s pretty good.


#10 Tom Hanks (CASTAWAY) – Someday I’m going to do a top ten list of best inanimate objects, in honor of Wilson

#9 Pat Morita (KARATE KID) – To this day you’re unsure if he wanted to train Daniel or just get some cheap labor

#8 Kevin Smith (CLERKS) – “What you DON’T know about me can just about fill the Grand Canyon!”

#7 Harrison Ford (THE FUGITIVE) I live for the day I can ask for a “hard-target” search

#6 Clint Eastwood (THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES, et al) – A movie I’d like to see would be THE OUTLAW JOSEY (AND THE PUSSYCATS). Clint could still star!

#5 Samuel Jackson (PULP FICTION) – Does anyone know how to stencil on a wallet?

#4 Ian McKellan (LORD OF THE RINGS) – I prefer the Grey slightly, but both are good.

#3 Brad Pitt (LEGENDS OF THE FALL) – It was his image in this movie that made me want to have long hair. Already had the beard.

#2 Charlton Heston (THE TEN COMMANDMENTS) – I heard if you become Episcopal you only have to follow 8 Commandments, and you get to choose which!

And the number one Movie Beard….

#1 Edmund Gwenn (MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET) – You think I’m going against Santa this close to Festivus? You’re nuts.