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TV Mustaches


#10 GERALDO – I would pay money to see him run for something

#9 SGT. SLAUGHTER – in a close race over Hulk’s Fu Man Chu

#8 DICK VAN DYKE – Doing research I found this great story about the answering machine message they had to leave on the show “Diagnosis Murder” for some old woman. Take my advice and read it here.

#7 YOSEMITE SAM – I bet the combo of his mustache and his mumbling turned a lot of women on

#6 GORDON – You just know Big Bird had the hots for him

#5 EARL – TV’s newest star

#4 ANDY SIPOWICZ – How else do you explain how he got Charlotte Ross?

#3 NED FLANDERS – My favorite mustache expression of his would be the “ol’ push broom” or the “ol soup strainer”

#2 BJ HUNNICUT – If Trapper could have grown one they wouldn’t have gotten rid of him.

and the number one mustache in TV history…..

#1 MAGNUM, P.I. - Probably the manliest mustache there ever was.

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