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Movie Mustaches

Continuing our look at great Mustaches, we turn to movies. This was a much harder one, ad I don’t claim to have the definitive list here, but I think it’s pretty good. The parameters I set was that it couldn’t have been part of a beard, and no real people (which excludes the immortal mustache of Sam Elliott).


#10 Cheech Marin (UP IN SMOKE, et al) – My favorite moment of his is still that monologue outside the club in FROM DUSK ‘TIL DAWN

#9 David Niven (AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS, et al) – The quintessential sophisticated mustache

#8 Carey Ewles (THE PRINCESS BRIDE) – The Dread Pirate Roberts rules!

#7 Billy Dee Williams (THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK) – Wouldn’t you love to see Lando Calrissian and Han Solo in a Manhattan bar having a ho-off?

#6 Charlie Chaplin (THE LITTLE TRAMP, et al) – Didn’t this dude marry a 15 year old? Had to be the ‘stache.

#5 Marlon Brando (THE GODFATHER) – I think people could have refused the offer, if it weren’t for….you know. (Wouldn’t it have been deck if the horse head had a ‘stache too?)

#4 Groucho Marx (DUCK SOUP, et al) – It’s hard to believe that caterpillar was real, but it was. So virile!

#3 Burt Reynolds (SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT, et al) – There’s a reason Burt was the #1 box office star for five years in a row

#2 Clark Gable (GONE WITH THE WIND) – “Frankly my dear, I refuse to shave.”

And the number one Movie Mustache is….

#1 Errol Flynn (CAPTAIN BLOOD, et al) – I know for a fact Errol was with every teenage girl he could find. In fact, he’s the origin of the term “In like Flynn.” Can there be any doubt it was the ‘stache? Thought not.

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